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Help Kitten Heal from Severe Burns

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UPDATE: July 2013

Frankie, the adorable kitten who was adopted by newleyweds Suzanne and Jimmy Curran in March, is thriving in his new home. Suzanne sent us some recent photos of Frankie, and he looks as healthy as can be! His fur has grown back nicely, and it's almost hard to imagine that the poor kitten had suffered from such terrible burns.

Suzanne says Frankie is very playful, and has a particular fascination with the bathtub. "He's obsessed with it," she says. "He waits for you to get out of the shower and sometimes he jumps in the tub." He's also getting along great with their other cat, Patty, pictured right.

Suzanne tells us that Frankie "is a very loving and affectionate cat and is always on our laps."

We're so happy that Frankie found such a wonderful family, especially after his painful ordeal. Thank you again to everyone who donated to our Help Me Heal program, which enables us to provide treatment to precious animals like Frankie!

UPDATE: March 2013 -
Frankie Joins the Newlyweds

Great news: Frankie was adopted! The sweet kitten is now a member of the Curran household, joining “sister” cat Patty, who was adopted from North Shore Animal League America in December 2011.

Suzanne Curran, a special education teacher at St. Martin de Porres Academy, and her husband Jimmy had seen Frankie’s Help Me Heal story and were moved by the little superhero’s tale (read full story below).

“When we received the email update stating that Frankie was ready to be adopted, we contacted Animal League America right away,” says Suzanne. “I was thrilled when we were told that we were going to be his new family.”

Suzanne and Jimmy clearly have a place in their hearts for special-needs’ pets. In December 2011, they adopted Patty, an adult cat with anxiety and eating issues. Although she wasn’t sure Patty would take too well to a new cat in the house, it’s gone pretty smoothly, Suzanne reports.

“Patty had a rough time the first few days, but now they get along great,” she says. “Alex [Animal League America’s Foster Care Coordinator] told us exactly how to introduce them, separating them and then gradually allowing them more time with each other. We followed his guidance, and it worked perfectly! Now, they love spending time playing together.”

Suzanne reports that Frankie has no lingering issues from his burns; he has healed very well and has no limitations.

“He loves to climb and jump on everything, and he’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever seen. He curls up in our arms and cuddles. He’s amazing.”

Congratulations to Suzanne and Jimmy on their new adoption—and also on their recent wedding! The couple, who married in December 28, 2012, donated to North Shore Animal League America as their wedding favor!

Thank you to everyone who donated toward Frankie’s care. You are our superheroes.

UPDATE: February 21, 2013

Superhero Frankie Is Ready for his Super-adopter!

Great news! Frankie, the sweet kitten that you helped heal through your generous donations, is ready to go home with a lucky adopter.

As we shared with you in mid-January, we rescued Frankie from a shelter that was full to capacity. Frankie had severe burns to his paws and abdomen, and he was at imminent risk of being euthanized.

We entered Frankie, who is now about four months old, in our Help Me Heal program, in which animal lovers contribute to the medical treatment of ailing and abused dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Our supporters came through for Frankie in a big way, enabling us to provide the precious kitten with round-the-clock care at our Medical Center.

Luckily, Frankie did not need any skin grafts, but he did require constant monitoring and regular medication to prevent any infection. His bandages were changed daily at first, and then about every other day—and he never once complained. That’s why our staff began referring to him as a superhero.

Dr. Marina Tejada, Frankie’s primary veterinarian, is one of the brave kitten’s biggest fans. “He’s super-affectionate—a real purring machine,” she says. “He loves to be held; the minute you pick him up, he rubs his face on your chin and puts his head on your shoulder. He’s going to make an amazing and very loving companion!”

Frankie has some minor hair loss and scarring on his belly, but we anticipate much of the hair will grow back. Despite the severity of the burns to his paws, he has absolutely no trouble walking—a huge relief to our staff, who fell in love with little Frankie.

Frankie seems to be very comfortable around other animals, although we do recommend that any potential adopter with dogs schedule an appointment to introduce their resident animal to Frankie.

On behalf of Frankie, and all the other animals in our care, thank you for your generosity!

Are you the lucky one to bring home this wonderful kitten? Please contact Alexander Bab at for more information, or call (516) 883-7900, ext. 352.

UPDATE: February 1, 2013

Frankie has been a champion throughout this ordeal, patiently allowing our medical team to change his bandages and attend to his wounds. Frankie knows that he is not alone; he welcomes the love and attention he is receiving here at our medical center, rewarding his caretakers with grateful purrs. The veterinary staff is consulting with our experts on whether Frankie will need skin grafts. Every day, little by little, Frankie is healing, but he still has a long road to recovery. We will be with him every step of the way, and we know you will be, too. Thank you for helping save this precious kitten’s life.

Frankie's Story

Animal League America recently rescued a sweet kitten, named Frankie, from a municipal shelter, where he was at imminent risk of euthanasia. Some shelters often lack the resources to care for gravely injured animals, and sadly, Frankie was suffering from extremely serious burns to three of his paws and his entire abdomen.

We suspect that Frankie’s injuries may have resulted from a stovetop burner—but we’ll never know for sure whether he incurred the burns accidentally or as a result of abuse.

Our veterinary team immediately placed Frankie on medication to ease his pain. Despite the severity of his condition, the brave little kitten responded to our medical staff with affection and gratitude.

As he recuperates, Frankie will remain in our medical center, where he will be kept comfortable and watched carefully for signs of infection. Our hope is that he will heal naturally, but a surgical skin graft may be needed at some point.

Won’t you help this precious kitten receive the care he needs?

Once Frankie is back on his paws, we promise to find him the loving individual or family who will provide him a safe, warm home for the rest of his life.

Your donation to our Help Me Heal campaign will enable us to give Frankie, and animals like him, the medical and rehabilitative care they need to survive.Please donate today.

On behalf of all the injured, ailing and abused animals we treat each and every day, we thank you for your life-saving support.

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