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My name is Franklin...

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Update: July 2011

Franklin continues to thrive in the Animal League’s care. Though he had a second rear limb amputation, his recovery was very fast and he manages to get around extremely well.

Recently, Franklin received his special mobility cart. We couldn’t be happier with his success. He adapted to his cart immediately the very first time he used it. It is plain to see that Franklin is very happy.

Franklin is ready for adoption, and the Animal League is looking for the perfect home. Franklin has a few special needs, which include a soft environment that won’t irritate his legs and a patient owner that will give him the special attention he needs.

To adopt Franklin or to learn more about his special needs, please contact or

Update 2011: Franklin is still doing very well in the Animal League’s care. Franklin’s skeleton is fully mature now and his back legs have been reassessed. Unfortunately, Franklin’s legs have not responded to therapy, and he is not a candidate for surgical correction. Limbs that do not have feeling pose serious health risks, and recently, Franklin had one of his back legs removed. The operation was very successful and he is healing well. Franklin will most likely need to have his remaining back leg removed as well, and then will be fitted for a special cart that will allow him painless freedom of movement. Dogs adjust to these carts rather quickly, and it won’t take long before he masters it.

Franklin is a very happy dog. His energy and enthusiasm are evidence that he enjoys every day. Your support of Franklin and the Help Me Heal Program has helped us care for him and for many other challenged pets. It is the reason why Franklin is alive today.

Franklin's Story:

There are so many beautiful things in life we take for granted. When we don’t have to struggle for something, we often forget how lucky we are.

My name is Franklin. I’m a Chihuahua mix puppy, and I’m learning to appreciate everything. Before North Shore Animal League America rescued me, I almost died. So every breath, every moment is like a gift.

Sometimes small shelters like the one I was in puts animals down to make room for healthy, more easily adoptable animals. They do the best they can, but they just don’t have the room or money to take care of all the animals that wind up there. If the Animal League hadn’t rescued me, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I was born with a deformity of my hind limbs.

This prevents me from being able to bear weight on my rear legs. Instead, I drag them around – and that’s not good. Doctors at the Animal League are trying to come up with solutions for me. They are sending me to a specialist to see if I’m a candidate for surgical correction. I’ll be undergoing all sorts of x-rays and tests to get to the root of the problem and to learn how to proceed.

If surgery isn’t right for me, then I’ll have to go through extensive rehabilitation and learn to use a special cart. This mobile device, created just for me, will help me get around without dragging my legs and damaging them further.

Either way, I need extensive and expensive medical attention. That’s why I’m in the Animal League’s Help Me Heal Program. This program, and people like you who support it, make sure I get all the care I need for as long as I need it. Whether it’s surgery, a cart, physical therapy or just loving hands to hold me when I’m frightened, Help Me Heal has it covered.

You can help me. In fact, you can help care for all the pets in the Help Me Heal Program, because all of us deserve a chance…and every day should be a new opportunity. Thank you for all that you do.

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