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Tiny Kitten Needs Your Help to See a Brighter Tomorrow

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Life hasn’t exactly gotten off to the smoothest start for Hogan, the tiny black kitten who recently arrived at North Shore Animal League America by way of Brooklyn Animal Care & Control.

Just weeks after birth, it was discovered that he had a severe infection in both eyes. The infection was so relentless that it was initially believed he’d need to have both eyes removed to prevent any further damage, although it was later determined by Animal League America veterinarians that wasn’t the case. Only Hogan’s left eye would have to be surgically removed due to extensive ulcerations on the cornea, while his right eye, also afflicted with a severe case of conjunctivitis, is believed to be salvageable with the proper medications.

“Unfortunately these type of eye infections and conjunctivitis are very common among kittens, but usually not as severe. Typically infections such as these improve without any negative long-term effects,” said Animal League America Veterinarian Dr. Phil Litwack. “This little guy may unfortunately wind up blind or with severely reduced vision, however we expect him to make a full recovery otherwise. Once he learns how to adjust to life without vision, he should lead a relatively healthy, normal life.”

Although times seem bleak right now, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the diminutive kitten. He’s in the care of Animal League America’s top-notch medical team, receiving around-the-clock care at our Lewyt Medical Center thanks to your support of our Help Me Heal Program. It’s when severely injured or sick animals arrive at our Port Washington, N.Y. facility in desperate need of urgent medical care that we recognize how much of an impact your generosity has on our organization. Hogan also has youth on his side! Being so young and resilient enough to quickly recover from such debilitating ailments makes him the perfect candidate to quickly bounce back from this setback and live a long, fulfilling feline life.

“Our Foster Care Program would be a great fit for Hogan because it would provide the opportunity to see if there’s a good fit, if he adjusts well to his new surroundings, etc. Someone who is an experienced cat owner, specifically someone who has experience with special needs cats would be ideal,” said Dr. Litwack. “The next few weeks or so are crucial because we’ll find out more about his remaining eye and if it’s improving the way we had all hoped it would. After we have a few more answers we can move forward with trying to find this little guy the perfect home.”

Your generous support to our Help Me Heal Program makes it possible to provide animals like Hogan with the absolute best care and compassion available, and help keep it available for the next animal in need. Your donation today will let these helpless mutt-i-grees® know that they are not alone, and that they never will be again.

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