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Holly Needs Your Support

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Great news! Holly healed beautifully from the treatment she received for her injuries. She lost some of the bones in the toes of her injured foot, but she gets around well!

After suffering so much trauma and neglect, we are happy to announce that Holly has found a wonderful home! Sixteen-year-old Quinn (pictured right with Holly) and her mom Eileen brought Holly home where she was warmly welcomed by three other human siblings and Jake, the family’s 10-year-old yellow lab.

This happy ending would never have happened without the generous support of our Help Me Heal donors. Thank you for being there for Holly, and others like her!

Holly's Story

When the Animal League rescued Holly, a young mixed-breed dog, she had suffered horrific trauma and abuse – she had allegedly been thrown from a car, hit by another car, and left to die.

Upon rescue, Holly had visible open wounds and was in significant pain. The Animal League immediately placed Holly in the life-saving Help Me Heal Program so that she could get the extensive care she desperately needs.

During Holly’s examination, veterinarians found that she had suffered even more abuse. A shoe string was found tied around her right hind leg, cutting off the circulation to her limb, resulting in significant tissue damage. In addition, X-rays revealed that she has multiple fractured toes as a result of the trauma she suffered. If the Animal League had not rescued Holly, she probably would have lost her paw.

Holly is currently receiving extensive medical care, pain medication, and may require surgery in the future.

Will you please help?

This comprehensive level of care is very difficult for overcrowded municipal shelters to provide, and sadly, as a result, euthanasia is often their only solution. 

Your dedicated support of the life-saving Help Me Heal Program allows us to give animals, like Holly, the care they need to heal. Please donate today. 

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