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Help Blind Kitten Get Surgery to Relieve Pain

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Update: August 2012

We are thrilled to announce that Isis has been adopted!

Thanks to our donors, Isis received the surgery she needed to treat the condition that had caused her blindness and left her in severe pain.

While no treatment could give Isis back her eyesight, our surgeons removed her ruptured globes, cleared her infection, and made sure she was comfortable and pain-free.

As you can see in this heartwarming photo (right), Isis found the perfect home in the loving arms of her adoptive mom, Sara, who had seen the kitten’s photo and read her story on our website.

As soon as Isis was ready to be adopted, Sara immediately came to Animal League America to take her new girl home to join her family: big brother Baby the Cat and big sister Miss Peanut, rescued by Sara eight years ago when they were kittens.

“I always told myself that if I ever adopted another cat, I’d get a special-need’s animal who would likely have a harder time finding a home,” says Sara, an art dealer who lives in Manhattan. “We bonded immediately, and she adapted as soon as we got home. She’s fearless and brave and ready to play. She’s a 24-hour purr machine!”

Isis's Story

The Animal League recently rescued Isis, a blind kitten, from a shelter in New York that was unable to provide the extensive medical treatment she needs.

Our veterinarians diagnosed this sweet kitten with phthisis bulbi, a painful condition in which the globes of the eyes are ruptured, shrunken and completely non-functional.

While phthisis bulbi can result from trauma or an untreated disease such as viral conjunctivitis or juvenile glaucoma, we’ll never know for sure what happened to Isis. And, sadly, there is no medical treatment that will restore her vision.

But that doesn’t mean that Isis cannot have normal, happy life.

Isis requires surgery to remove the remains of her ruptured globes in order to relieve the pain she is in.

Won’t you donate today to help Isis receive the surgery that will make her pain-free and ready for adoption?

Most animals adapt very well to sight loss, and we’re confident that Isis will live a long and happy life. Despite her challenges, the little kitten’s spirits are high, and she will make a wonderful addition to any family.

At Animal League America, we never give up on animals in need. Please give as generously as you can so we can provide Isis, and precious pets like her, with the treatment that will help them to not only survive but thrive.

Please donate today.

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