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Joey Needs Your Help

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Joey received treatment for his infections after being rescued from a hoarding situation. Since then, he has completely healed.

Joey has since been adopted into a loving home (pictured right with his new family) and is doing very well! He is happy and healthy today thanks to the supporters of our Help Me Heal program.

Joey's Story

The Animal League recently responded to an emergency hoarding situation where Joey and multiple other sick cats were being kept in crowded outdoor cages. These sick cats were living in deplorable conditions, had been exposed to the elements, and left to fend for themselves. Joey, and adult male cat, is just one of the rescued cats whose medical needs had been neglected.

Once safe at the Animal League, the cats were examined and treated for their various medical conditions. Joey was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur, respiratory infection, and conjunctivitis. If he had not been rescued, this combination could have been fatal.

Joey is receiving treatment for his infections and is undergoing further tests to find the proper treatment for his murmur. He will most likely need life-long medication and monitoring for his condition.

Will you please help?

Sadly, had the Animal League not rescued Joey and the other cats, it is likely they would not be alive today.

Your dedicated support of the life-saving Help Me Heal Program allows us to give animals, like these rescued cats, the care they need to heal.

Please donate today.


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