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Help Turn Licorice's Luck Around

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When you first see Licorice it’s hard not to notice his piercing greenish-yellow eyes, thick, healthy coat, and his very confident posture. Let’s just say if you happened to “cross” this beautiful black cat, you’d be much more enamored with his picturesque look than you’d be worried about your luck changing.

Licorice didn’t bring bad luck upon anyone else like the silly urban legend goes. Unfortunately, this 10-month-old cat is the one faced with unfortunate circumstances.

He came to North Shore Animal League America by way of Animal Care and Control in New York City. When he arrived at our Port Washington headquarters, Animal League doctors determined that he was suffering from a diaphragmatic hernia that was severely affecting Licorice’s breathing, and would require urgently needed corrective surgery.

“A diaphragmatic hernia is a hole in the diaphragm, which separates the chest from the abdomen. Because there’s a hole there, his organs such as his liver and his intestines can go up into his chest where they don’t belong,” said Animal League Veterinarian, Christina Buchter. “This can ultimately cause trouble breathing and difficulties with his heart as well.”

Unfortunately, as often happens with homeless pets, Licorice is also suffering from an upper respiratory infection, which is also adversely affecting his breathing. The plan for now is to clear up the infection and schedule his corrective surgery as soon as possible.

Although the surgery will be a very delicate and costly procedure, doctors are optimistic that Licorice will live a full, healthy life if everything goes smoothly. Therefore, the Animal League, as America’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, will do everything in its power to turn this beautiful black cat’s luck around by giving him a second chance at life. Vice President of Medical Services, Diane Johnson, said the Help Me Heal Program will not only play a vital role in saving the life of Licorice, but has done the same for countless other shelter pets in need and will continue to do so with the help of our generous donors.

“This is a dire situation, where delicate surgical intervention at a specialty hospital will be needed. It will also prove to be very costly,” said Diane. “If we can offset the costs by entering Licorice in our highly successful Help Me Heal Program, we can save the lives of many more animals, especially those with major medical issues.”

When you donate to our Help Me Heal Program, you’re giving comfort and health to sick, injured, and homeless animals like Licorice. Your continued support of this incredible program helps save pets’ lives every single day.

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