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Help Dog Hit by Car Receive Emergency Surgery

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Update (May 14, 2013): May Has Found Her Home!

Great news! Our Help Me Heal dog, May, has been adopted and is now happy and healthy in her new home.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, May received the best in medical care, and now the sweet dog is enjoying her new life. Her family reports that she especially loves lounging on the couch, going for long walks and playing with the kids.

We could not have nurtured May back to health and found her a loving home without your support. Thank you for being there for May, and all the animals we rescue, nurture and adopt.

Update: May is Ready for Adoption!

May's stitches have been removed since her surgery and she has made a miraculous recovery from the life-threatening injuries she suffered after being hit by a car. Thank you to everyone who has supported May! 

Now that May is healing, she is ready for her new home. She is still adjusting to seeing without her right eye. She is catching on quickly and our trainers can provide advice on how to help her become accustomed to this new way of life. May loves going for walks and playing with her toys. She is very sweet and ready to find her new, loving home. Email for more information on how to adopt her.

Update: May is Healing After Surgery

May had emergency surgery to remove her eye that was damaged after being hit by a car. The operation was a success and her wounds are no longer life-threatening. May is walking and moving around again. She has started to adjust to the partial loss of vision and is in good spirits.

May has a long road to recovery and we will be there each step of the way. Thank you to everyone who has supported May. We will continue to provide updates on her progress.

May's Story

When North Shore Animal League America’s rescue team brought this young dog to our Medical Center, her condition was extremely serious. Her left eye was completely out of its socket, with the artery and nerve exposed. She was bleeding from that eye and also from other wounds she had suffered to her face, thigh and abdomen. Upon arrival, she began vomiting blood.

We believe that the sweet pup, whom our staff named May, had been hit by a car and left abandoned on the road to die.

Our veterinary team immediately administered medication to ease May’s pain. Although she has difficulty standing, she is responding to the loving care of our treatment team with wags of her tail.

May needs emergency surgery to remove her injured eye, since it cannot be repaired.

Won't you please help?

After her surgery, May will receive the behavioral and emotional support she needs to adjust to her condition. We are dedicated to ensuring that May, who is about a year and a half, will have a long and happy life ahead with a loving adopter. But we need your help.

Please donate today so that May, and other injured and ailing animals like her, can get the care they need.

On behalf of May and all the other animals we serve, we thank you for your life-saving donation.

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