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Help Mr. Mushy Breathe Easy

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Sadly, we must report that shortly after his corrective surgery Mr. Mushy suffered a cardiac arrest and has passed away. While he was determined to hang on, his medical team did all they could to try and help him get past his medical condition, but ultimately his heart was just too big. We are deeply saddened by this tragic outcome, but we believe Mr. Mushy spent his last days in comfort and truly felt the love of your support.

Mr. Mushy is a gorgeous 10-year-old chocolate point Siamese cat with an unusual, irresistibly plush coat. Sadly, Mr. Mushy is unusual in a medical sense, too, and his condition is threatening to end his life.

Mr. Mushy suffers from a diaphragmatic hernia, which means he has an abnormal opening in his diaphragm that allows some of his stomach organs to intrude into his chest cavity, dangerously near his lungs. The result: each breath he takes is a struggle.

We rescued Mr. Mushy from a local municipal shelter, where his owner had surrendered him. The woman had been evicted from her home and couldn’t bring Mr. Mushy to her new apartment. She apparently had never noticed his breathing problems…or perhaps did not realize how serious they were.

Once in our care, however, Mr. Mushy was quickly diagnosed, and our medical team set about doing everything within its power to help this lovely cat survive and recover from years of coping with his stressful condition.

Since arriving at our facility, Mr. Mushy has been confined to an oxygen cage, which made breathing easier. Nevertheless, we recognized this was a short-term, emergency fix, and that Mr. Mushy was in severe distress and needed quick, expert surgery to correct the hernia and address the associated problems with his internal organs.

On Tuesday, April 22, Mr. Mushy was transported to a medical facility equipped to give him the best possible care. Although he arrived in serious condition, he successfully underwent corrective surgery and is now, though still on the critical list, resting and recovering.

Mr. Mushy’s prognosis remains unclear. At the moment, our goal is to get him through this crisis, with your help and support. We believe this vital surgery will allow him a vastly improved quality of life, even if, in the long run, his life expectancy is less than average. No matter what, one thing is certain: Mr. Mushy now has a chance to take his first deep breath in a very long time.

You can help. When you support the Help Me Heal Program, you’re supporting Mr. Mushy and many other cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies who need special care.

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