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My Name is Molly...

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Update: As you can see, Molly’s facial ulcers have healed beautifully. After a few months in our care, Molly recovered fully and was placed for adoption.

Not even one week on the adoption floor, a family fell in love at first sight and adopted Molly. Molly and the new family are as happy as can be! 

Molly's Story:

I’m a 10-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix, and I have a very serious condition. I have juvenile cellulitis, so the Animal League has placed me in their Help Me Heal Program to give me the specialized and long-term care I need to get better.

Juvenile cellulitis is highly contagious so I have to be isolated from other dogs. Even the people in contact with me can spread it to other dogs. 

I’ve been on different medications and getting constant care here at the Animal League, but juvenile cellulitis has a pretty slow recovery process. When you have a weakened immune system like I do, even the smallest germ can become a big problem.

It’s a terrifying thought, but with such a challenging condition, it’s very likely that I would’ve been euthanized in an overcrowded municipal shelter.

Your support of the Help Me Heal Program is the reason I’m here today. Your generosity makes it possible for so many animals – like me – to get the medical attention we need.

Please continue to support this incredible program. Your generous support helps save pet’s lives every single day.


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