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Update: Red Was Adopted!

Whenever North Shore Animal League America enters an animal in our Help Me Heal program, we promise that we’ll find him or her a wonderful home.

Red, the sweet Chihuahua with severe deformities in his front left leg, is no exception, and we’re thrilled to report that he has joined the Tortora family!

Mary Tortora says that her new dog, who is now called Ricky, is an absolute joy.

“Ricky is very smart, obedient and extremely loving,” says Mary. “He is very happy, comfortable and secure in his new home.”

When asked if there are any challenges to caring for a dog with special needs, she smiles and replies, “Ricky's special needs are belly rubs, hugs and long walks in the morning.”

Mary is grateful to all who donated to support Ricky. “It has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience dealing with all involved in this process. Thank you for our little treasure.”

Congratulations to Mary and her family on their new addition, and thank you to all of the generous donors who support our Help Me Heal program!

Update: June 2013

Here’s some news for all those following the progress of Red, the Chihuahua with the leg deformity.

After consulting with an orthopedic specialist, it was determined that Red is not a candidate for surgery.

Red has two major defects with his leg: The first is a rotational defect, which is surgically treatable. However, the second defect—a markedly shortened leg that he has had since birth—could not be easily corrected because there isn’t enough room for the implants (or motors) needed to lengthen the bone.

Surgically repairing the rotational defect alone would not improve Red’s mobility, so the best course of action is to closely monitor Red to be sure he remains pain-free. If future action is needed, we will give him the expert treatment that we give to all animals in our care.

Check back soon for further updates.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help Red, and other ailing animals, have the best chance at a long, healthy and happy life!

Red's Story

When North Shore Animal League America rescued Red, an adorable Chihuahua, from a shelter in North Carolina, he was in imminent danger of being euthanized.

Red, who we estimate is about three years old, has a severe deformity in his front left leg that makes walking not only difficult but also painful. Tragically, many municipal shelters don’t have the space or resources to tend to all the healthy animals in their care, which puts animals with medical problems at a greater risk of being destroyed when the facilities become full.

We cannot be certain whether Red’s condition was something he was born with or happened as a result of an accident. We also can’t know for sure whether Red’s leg deformity involved some form of animal cruelty.

Still, though we cannot change what happened to Red in the past, we can make his future a brighter, healthier and happier one.

Won't you please contribute so we can provide Red, and other animals in need, with the best care possible?

In the next week, we will be monitoring Red’s condition closely to determine if surgery is required to give him the greatest chance at a full, long life.

Animal League America never gives up on an animal in need, but we can’t do our work without the generosity of animal lovers like you. Please donate today.

Thank you for your dedication to all the ailing, abused and neglected animals that seek comfort and shelter at Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

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