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Emergency Alert: Sophie Needs Your Help for Open Heart Surgery

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It is with great sadness that we share the news that young Sophie has passed away. While the surgeons and our medical team did everything they could, Sophie's pulmonic stenosis was so severe that she expired before they could complete her surgery. Sophie will be deeply missed by her foster family, our staff and volunteers, and all those who have been touched by her story.


When you first meet Sophie, she looks like a healthy and cuddly little puppy. What you can’t see is her life-threatening condition that will require open heart surgery this week. This beautiful Mutt-i-gree® is only 9-months old and currently in our Foster Care Program with a wonderful loving family. Sophie is a pure gem – she is playful, attentive and very lovable. However, Sophie cannot run around with other Mutt-i-grees® and is extremely limited in her activities due to her ailing heart condition. Sophie doesn’t know she has a heart condition, but she certainly understands when she tires after short plays and short walks. 
Sophie has a congenital defect that obstructs the blood flow from the heart to the lungs. In October of 2013, North Shore Animal League America was able to coordinate the first step to helping Sophie. A balloon catheter was passed to the heart to stretch the defect and open up the problem vessel. This allowed the blood to flow more freely and make Sophie more comfortable. Sophie has been stable since the operation. However, not every dog with this defect can be helped by this procedure. The results have been adequate to date, but this procedure was just the start of Sophie’s long journey to battle this life ending situation.
The diagnosis at this point is to perform open heart surgery. A cardiologist that we have been working with for over 20 years will be performing the critical surgery on April 10, 2014. Although there are no guarantees that Sophie will heal, we feel she deserves the best treatment that will allow her to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. We don’t want Sophie to dream about playing in the yard or taking long walks with her family, we want her to realize those dreams.
Will you please help save Sophie’s life, and our other animals in need, by donating to our Help Me Heal Program? It is only with your help that we are able to keep our promise of Rescue, Nurture and Adopt, to the innocent animals that need us. 

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