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Help Tiny Kitten's Legs Heal

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Update: July 2013

Despite extensive efforts, we are very sad to report that Help Me Heal kitten Spike has passed away.

Whenever we lose an animal, it is a difficult experience for everyone involved. Our staff and volunteers become very close to every dog, cat, puppy and kitten in their care. But tiny Spike, who was so brave and sweet, had won the hearts of all he met, and his passing is especially devastating for everyone here at North Shore Animal League America.

For those of you who donated to help provide medical treatment for Spike, and other animals in need, we know that this news saddens you as much as it does us. We hope that you are comforted in the knowledge that everything possible was done to save this innocent kitten, and that he was given much love and affection in his short life.

We thank you for your selfless and generous support of our Help Me Heal program, which has helped us save the lives of so many animals that were suffering from an illness or trauma. For all of the animals who have lived many years in happy, loving homes because of your donations, please accept our most sincere gratitude for all you do.

Spike’s Story:

When this young kitten arrived at a municipal shelter, he was in grave danger.

These overcrowded shelters have barely enough resources to care for the healthy animals that come through their doors. So this little kitten, who was born with deformities of both his front legs, was at the top of the list to be euthanized.

Luckily, the shelter called North Shore Animal League America and asked for our help.

Our rescue team brought the five-week gray tabby to the safety of our no-kill headquarters, where our expert veterinary staff immediately evaluated his condition, all the while stroking his head and giving him kisses.

The kitten, whom they named Spike, bravely attempted to stand up, but despite his low body weight, his legs couldn’t support him. It was truly heartbreaking.

We contacted an orthopedic specialist for recommendations on the best course of treatment, and he is now being evaluated to determine if surgery is needed. Whatever will help Spike, we will make sure he gets the treatment he needs to live a long, healthy and happy life.

But we need your help.

Won't you please contribute so we can help Spike, and other ailing, neglected and abused animals, get the care they deserve?

Spike has bonded with our vet staff, and they are completely in love with him. As soon as he receives treatment, he will be up for adoption, and we will be sure to find him the perfect adopter.

Please donate today.

On behalf of Spike and all of our animals, we thank you for your devotion.

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