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UPDATE: March 2013

Home, Sweet Home for Tony!

At North Shore Animal League America, our mission is three-fold: rescue, nurture and adoption. That means that no rescue is complete until we find a permanent, loving home for every animal we rescue.

All of you who donated to Tony’s Help Me Heal campaign will be thrilled to hear that the brave little dog is now a member of the Ruiz family, happily exploring his new surroundings and getting tons of love and attention!

“When our dog died last June, at the age of 17, we were all devastated,” says Toby Ruiz, Tony’s new adoptive mom. “My kids wanted to get a dog right away, but I thought we should wait a little while—at least until winter was over.”

With spring around the corner, Toby and her daughters couldn’t last any longer. On the evening of Saturday, March 9th, the family headed to Animal League America to find their perfect match.

Toby and her family—Arianna, 15, and twins Alexis and Raquel, who will be 12 next month—were drawn immediately to adorable Tony, who greeted them with enthusiasm. “We all fell in love with him right away,” says Toby. “And the four of us never agree on anything!” she adds with a smile.

In the short time he’s been home, Tony has adjusted perfectly, greeting his new “pack” and their visitors with kisses and smiles. “He’s so friendly; it’s great to have a dog that gets along so well with everyone. We’re so happy he’s home.”

Toby encourages everyone to visit a shelter or rescue group when it’s time to add a canine or feline to their family. “I knew we were going to adopt a dog who needed a home,” she says. “I would never buy in a pet store, because there are so many wonderful dogs at shelters who need to be rescued.”

All of us at North Shore Animal League America congratulate the Ruiz family on their adoption. Warm thanks also go to all of you who donated so generously to Tony’s care.

UPDATE: February 2013

Tony Is Back on His Paws Again

After two months of rehabilitation, this adorable dog is ready to walk right into your heart this Valentine’s Day

When we first rescued Tony from a municipal shelter in December 2012, we weren’t sure whether the young Chihuahua mix would ever be able to walk again.

As we told you when we first posted Tony’s story (see below), the poor dog had been brought to our rescue and adoption headquarters with a severely shattered pelvis and was in tremendous pain. We suspect that he was hit by a car, but regardless of how he incurred his injury, Tony needed our help.

But we couldn’t provide the expensive treatment he needed without your help—and you came through for this beautiful dog.

Our generous donors opened their hearts (and their wallets) to contribute to Tony’s Help Me Heal campaign, enabling us to fund provide the surgery he needed. Our expert team inserted a plate and screws to stabilize his severe fractures, and the procedure was a huge success. The brave dog was a real trooper throughout the process, making our staff love him all the more.

Since his surgery, Tony has been receiving rehabilitation and care at the home of one of our loving foster parents, Eileen, who reports that Tony is full of vim and vigor.

“He’s really sweet,” says Eileen. “I have three children who have friends come over all the time, and Tony is very friendly and just wants to play with them. He’s so happy and excited!”

Tony loves to play in her backyard, and he can run around just like any other dog. “You’d never even know he had been injured,” says Eileen.

Tony is not a huge fan of cats, although he does enjoy the company of other dogs. But Tony is definitely a “top-dog” type, so Eileen is cautious about recommending him to a home with a similarly tempered canine. “He and my other dog get along very well, but Tony is definitely the pack leader,” she says. “He’d be fine with a mellow dog, but not with one that also wants to be the center of attention.”

Tony loves to get and give affection; he’s a real people person, according to his foster mom. “He is the perfect companion for someone who enjoys spending lots of time with a grateful dog in his or her lap,” she says. “That’s definitely Tony’s favorite place to be.”

Since Eileen is hoping to foster other dogs in need, it’s time for Tony to find his adopter. Tony is fully housebroken, up to date on all his vaccinations and neutered. All that’s missing in his life is a permanent, loving home.

Could Tony be your new valentine? To arrange a meeting, please contact our Foster Care Manager, Alex Bab, at (516) 883-7900, ext. 352, or email Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tony's Story

When North Shore Animal League America rescued Tony, the young Chihuahua mix pictured here, from an overcrowded municipal shelter, it was clear that the adorable dog was in distress. Despite valiant attempts, Tony couldn’t stand up, and he flinched when anyone tried to touch him.

From the minute they saw him, our rescue team fell for little Tony. It broke their hearts to see him in pain. They rushed him back to Animal League America, where they knew he’d be safe under the care of our expert veterinary team. He was given pain relief medication immediately to ease his suffering.

X-rays revealed that Tony had multiple fractures in his pelvis. Although we will never know exactly how Tony received this injury, it seems likely that he was hit by a car.

Regardless of how Tony ended up in such dire condition, we know one thing for certain: He deserves the compassionate medical care that will help him recover and start a new life with a loving adopter.

That’s why we placed him in our life-saving Help Me Heal Program, in which generous people like you help fund the treatment of ailing and injured  animals.

Tony will soon be seen by specialists to determine if surgery is the best course of treatment. This type of surgery is very delicate, especially on such a small dog, and it’s also very costly. And, even if Tony doesn’t require surgery, he will most certainly need many months of extensive rehabilitation.

Our dedicated veterinary team will continue to attend to Tony’s immediate medical needs and provide him with round-the-clock care.

In this season of giving, won’t you please donate to help us heal Tony?

Your support of our life-saving Help Me Heal Program allows us to give sick and injured animals, like Tony, the care they desperately need to live a healthy life. Please join us  today and give the gift of life to an animal in need.

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