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UPDATE November 7, 2014:
Zane Has Been Adopted!

At just four months old, Zane came to North Shore Animal League America battered and bruised, having sustained damage to his hip and face from apparent blunt trauma, making him a perfect candidate for our Help Me Heal Program. Three months later, a successful surgery to repair his broken hip, and a lot of love and care from his foster mother, Nadine, Zane is fully healed and was cleared to be adopted! To give this “tail” its storybook ending, Nadine fell so deeply in love with Zane during their time together that she decided to officially make him part of the family. Zane and his new cat siblings, Alvin and Ellie have formed a very tightly-knit bond during his time in the home and have formed one big, happy family!

Without the generous support from our donors to the Help Me Heal Program this happy ending could not be possible. So much for that absurd notion that black cats are bad luck.

UPDATE September 3, 2014:
Zane is Ready to Pounce His Way into Your Heart

After Zane had his surgery to fix his broken hip, the result of a blunt trauma he sustained to his hip and face, he spent a few weeks recuperating with a family in our Foster Care Program. Once there, Zane received plenty of TLC and time to heal. Today we're happy to announce that Zane has been re-checked and his hip is fully healed.

Now that Zane is back on all four paws, he's now available for adoption. This cuddly kitty is ready for his second chance, and hopes to find a new family who can keep up with him. If you're interested in adopting Zane, please contact our Foster Care Manager, Alex Bab, at 516-883-7900, ext. 352 or

Zane's Story

Black cats have it rough sometimes, even when they’re as gorgeous as Zane. With a pouty little face, penetrating green-golden eyes, and a thick coat of lush ebony fur, Zane is an exceptionally appealing kitty.

But sadly, his good looks didn’t protect him from suffering multiple, severe injuries. At just four months old, Zane came to North Shore Animal League America battered and bruised, having sustained damage to his hip and face from apparent blunt trauma. X-rays revealed a dislocated hip that needs to be pinned, which means delicate surgery. His beautiful eyes were also bruised and swollen shut, the skin around them red and raw. And just to make things more difficult, Zane has an upper respiratory infection to contend with.

Just try to imagine a four-month old kitten not being able to jump and play, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the challenge Zane faces in recovery. But we know he can do it, and we’re confident he’ll have your kind support until he’s up on his paws again, chasing aluminum balls.

Although he has a long road ahead, according to Dr. Sylvia Nagy, Staff Veterinarian, Zane’s prognosis is very good, “His facial swelling is almost completely resolved, pupils are normal, and there are no signs of neurological issues.”  Following hip surgery, Zane will then spend his rehab in a loving foster home. We expect him to be part of our Help Me Heal Program for at least two months; during that time, he’ll be restricted from any sort of exercise, including running, jumping, and pouncing on catnip mice.

Once he’s on the healthy side of this experience, he’ll be ready for adoption. As a basically sound, sweet, and extremely handsome kitty, he’ll surely find the loving home he deserves.

Will you please help us care for Zane’s injuries and give him a chance to begin his life again? With this trauma behind him and a bright future ahead, he’ll have you to thank for helping him heal.

When you donate to our Help Me Heal Program, you’re giving comfort and health to sick, injured, and homeless animals like Zane.

Please continue to support this incredible program. Your generous donations help save pets’ lives every single day.

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