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Meet the Sponsorship Dogs

Meet some of our amazing special needs dogs


As the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, we make a lifelong commitment to every animal that comes through our doors.  Some dogs are special needs pets that require costly urgent medical care or lifelong care and treatment.

Please become a Sponsor today and help make the difference in the lives of dogs.

  • Alfredo 1
  • Alfredo

    Alfredo, rescued by North Shore Animal League America from a municipal shelter, is now out of harm’s way. No longer a stray, this beautiful...

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  • Blaze 2
  • Blaze

    When a shelter in the Cayman Islands contacted us about a dog named Blaze, who had been tied up and abandoned at their facility, we just knew we...

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  • Bradley 3
  • Bradley

    When Bradley came to the League, rescued from a shelter in Tennessee that most likely would have euthanized him due to his medical condition,...

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  • Carmen 4
  • Carmen

    An unfortunate victim of backyard breeders, Carmen was born with no front legs. This sweet little spitfire came in a litter of three, two females...

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  • Coco 5
  • Coco

    Coco, this adorable six-month-old terrier mix Mutt-i-gree, was rescued from an overcrowded California municipal shelter in October 2013. North...

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  • Deuce 6
  • Deuce

    Deuce is an adorable, young, mixed-breed dog who was part of an Animal League International Rescue Mission in 2007. At first glance, it was obvious...

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  • Karina 7
  • Karina

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  • Marty 8
  • Marty

    This beautiful Golden Retriever is Marty. Marty was rescued from a backyard breeding operation when he was only 2 months old. Often, as in Marty's...

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  • Pablo 9
  • Pablo

    Pablo joined the League's Sponsor Program in 2007. Pablo is a precious Chihuahua with a will to live. Pablo, like his siblings, was born without...

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  • Ranger 10
  • Ranger

    Ranger is a 2-year-old Black Labrador Retriever Mutt-i-gree®. The Animal League rescued Ranger and placed him in the Sponsor Program, where he will...

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  • Rex 11
  • Rex

    Rex is a great example of strength from within. Rescued at only 7 months old in late 2011 by North Shore Animal League America from Tennessee, Rex...

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  • Rockstar 12
  • Rockstar

    Rockstar is a fun and friendly Sharpei/German Shepherd mix. His loving and sweet personality makes you fall in love with him the moment you meet him.

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  • Sandy 13
  • Sandy

    When Sandy was rescued by North Shore Animal League America, the seven-month old puppy was diagnosed with a condition that’s very rare in animals...

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  • Sara 14
  • Sara

    Sara’s survival is nothing short of a miracle. Her passionate resolve to live is only matched by her incredibly trusting and loving nature.

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  • Speckles 15
  • Speckles

    Speckles joined the League's Sponsor Program in 2003. Speckles is a beautiful, black and white female pointer-mix who's nothing but a big, friendly...

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  • Stella 16
  • Stella

    "Stella, Stella, Stella!" We love you! Stella joined the League's Sponsor Program in 2004. Stella is a mini-Pinscher mix who came to the League...

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  • Toby 17
  • Toby

    Toby joined the League's Sponsor Program in 2007. Toby is a lovable Chihuahua-mix who came to the League as a part of their out-of-state rescue...

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  • Venus 18
  • Venus

    Venus joined the League's Sponsor Program in 2007. Venus is one very feisty and terribly adorable Chihuahua. We suspect that she was one of an...

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  • Victoria 19
  • Victoria

    Victoria is an adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is also a puppy mill victim and survivor. Victoria came to the Animal League as part of a...

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  • Xena 20
  • Xena

    Xena is a lovely and affectionate hound mix. The Animal League rescued Xena and placed her in the life-saving Sponsor Program so that she can get...

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