Bradley joined the League’s Sponsor Program in 2007. Bradley is a big-hearted black Labrador-mix. When Bradley came to the League, rescued from a shelter in Tennessee that most likely would have euthanized him due to his medical condition, League veterinarians observed that whenever he started to be a frisky little puppy, he would wheeze and cough uncontrollably. He was recovering from a severe upper respiratory infection and chronic pneumonia, but also had a collapsed lobe of the lung. A complicated procedure had to be done in order to give Bradley a better quality of life and after some proceeds were generated for Bradley’s cause, the League did the impossible and saved Bradley’s life once again - first his rescue, now his life-altering surgery.

All League staff members and volunteers waited with baited breath to hear the miraculous news of Bradley’s successful surgery and hopes of a complete recovery. Although Bradley is better, his condition still requires constant medical supervision and he remains in the Sponsor Program as its chosen mascot, representing how one animal can touch the lives of so many humans. After a long search for the perfect pet parent, the League was finally able to place Bradley into a loving forever home. We’ll be sure to keep all of Bradley’s Sponsors informed of his progress with periodic updates. Bradley made a big difference in every life he encountered; now it’s time for you to sponsor Bradley or any one of the other worthy Sponsor pets that need you now.