Speckles joined the League's Sponsor Program in 2003. Speckles is a beautiful, black and white female pointer-mix who's nothing but a big, friendly mush! Speckles was brought to the League from one of the Animal League's weekly out-of-state rescue efforts suffering from pneumonia. After receiving proper medical attention to cure the pneumonia, it was determined that Speckles was stricken with a condition called Ciliary Dyskinesis. This illness will unfortunately leave her constantly prone to bouts of pneumonia, upper respiratory infections and a chronic cough and wheeze for the rest of her life.

With consistent medical monitoring and loving care provided by her foster family, Speckles is living the best life she can. If you could get to know Speckles, you would see how she appreciates the love and care she receives and proving once again, that there's so much good we can learn from the animals around us.