Xena is a lovely and affectionate hound mix. The Animal League rescued Xena and placed her in the life-saving Sponsor Program so that she can get the extensive care she needs to be well.

Xena has a very complex and life-threatening congenital condition. In Xena’s body, an abnormal vessel is allowing blood to bypass her liver. The liver has several functions, one of which is detoxification. When the liver is bypassed, toxins build up in the body. This malformation is called a portosystemic shunt (PSS) or a liver shunt. Among many severe symptoms, this liver shunt can also cause weight loss and seizures, both of which Xena is experiencing.

To help Xena, The Animal League has already provided her with two corrective surgeries. It is very likely, however, that Xena will need more surgeries. In addition to these surgeries, Xena will also need lifetime medication to manage this challenging condition.

Because Xena’s ailment is extensive and ongoing, most small municipal shelters would not be able to accommodate her needs. Her care would be too costly and comprehensive. Instead, it is very likely that Xena would be put down. But the Animal League is dedicated to helping her have the best life possible, and “quit” is never an option.

Your support of the Animal League’s Sponsor Program is helping to ensure that Xena and many other animals get the love and care they need to be as happy and healthy as possible. At the Animal League, they are safe, and loving care is guaranteed. Please help us continue to provide so many animals in need with this unprecedented care.