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This beautiful kitten and her littermate were recently rescued from a local shelter where their futures weren’t guaranteed. They are lively little kittens but because they were rescued from another shelter, little is known of their backgrounds.

Not long after their admission here this black and white beauty had some spots of hair loss on the back of her neck and a ringworm test was done. The test came back negative, so the question remains—why is this hair loss occurring? That’s the exact question foster care techs and doctors are asking. Sadly this little one and her sister had to be separated because she’s now having an ointment applied to the spots of hair loss and the fear is that her sister will lick the ointment. They are in cages next to each other and clearly do miss snuggling up with one another but their best interest comes first and foremost.

So for now, this little tuxedo will be monitored and tested to see if it’s a food allergy causing the hair loss. With support from the HELP program we hope to heal this beautiful cat quickly, and find her a loving family to take her home.

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