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Back in December on our website, we told you about Cyclone, the pregnant female terrier mix that we rescued from hurricane ravaged Texas. She was brought back here, gave birth to six healthy puppies but then became very ill with an infection and a high fever. Her puppies had to be taken away from her when they were less than a week old for both their safety and for Cyclone’s safety. The pups went into foster care homes while Cyclone went on to battle a bad infection of her mammary glands in our ECU or Emergency Care Unit of the Alex Lewyt Medical Center.

One of the lucky foster care moms recently answered a few questions for us regarding her experience with these precious pups.

What was it like foster caring for Cyclone’s puppies? It was great! It was a really good experience. I had never done it before and it was scary because the puppies were so small but once I got the feel for it, it was great!

How often were they fed? Did they have good appetites? They were bottle fed every three hours day and night. They had very good appetites!


Where were they kept? For their safety they were kept together in a carrier. They opened their eyes after about 14 days old. At that time they only begin to see shadows. Once they began waddling around at about 4 weeks when I knew they could actually see I let them out to explore the room they were being kept in. I didn’t want to let them out any sooner if they couldn’t see properly. I didn’t want them to bunk their heads!

How did they adjust to being foster cared for versus being nursed by their mom? They were only with their mom for six days, they weren’t together long enough. I was their mom. They got to know my voice. When I’d bring them to work with me, they would get so excited when they would hear my voice that they would start yipping in their cage!

We are happy to report that these two beautiful pups and their four other siblings are all thriving and doing excellently. They all gained weight and are happy and friendly pups. They’ve been given a second chance at having a great life and Cyclone, too. She’s been spayed and being put up for adoption. We could not be happier about this happy ending. Truly a Hurricane Rita miracle!

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