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Help Mona

As you can see from her prismatic coat, Mona is a young, gorgeous Calico cat. At only 2 years old, Mona wound up pregnant and lost with an uncertain future.

When North Shore Animal League America rescued Mona, she was very close to birth time. She was immediately placed in the nurturing HELP (Help Every Little Pet) Program, which cares for mothers and their litters. Mona was given a clean, warm and safe place to have her litter and medical staff standing by ready to assist – only if necessary.

Mona gave birth to four adorable kittens, all of whom share traces of her exotic calico markings. Four little girls make up Mona’s litter.

Now putting on some weight and growing rapidly from momma’s rich milk, Mona’s babies are all happy and adorable – testing their mother’s patience with their persistent frolics.

It is your caring that saved Mona and her family. It is your continued generosity and dedication that will save future mothers and their litters. Your love gives them the care they need.

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