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Fudge Ripple

As Sweet as Ice Cream

Fudge Ripple’s Mom, Eve was in deplorable condition when she was rescued from an out of state shelter with her nine puppies. Their rehabilitation was nothing short of a miracle, but little Fudge Ripple, the runt of the litter, is still here with us in the Foster Care Nursery.

After a few weeks with us, this young pup started to show signs of pneumonia; x-rays were done and there was a shadow on his lung so antibiotics were ordered to help clear up the infection. Even after a month and four additional x-rays, there has been no change.

Although he’s not coughing or showing any other signs of infection, the x-rays are still not clear. With support from the Help for Every Little Pet Program, we will continue to monitor Fudge Ripple and follow up on his care, not to mention shower him with loads of extra love and attention.

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