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Help Alice

This lovely girl is Alice. Alice is about 1 year old and is the prettiest little Beagle mix. This darling girl is sweet, gentle and extremely loving…but life wasn’t always in Alice’s favor...

The Animal League Saves a Pregnant Alice’s Life
The Animal League rescued a pregnant Alice from a small municipal shelter and placed her in the life-saving Help Every Little Pet (HELP) Program. Tragically, Alice and her unborn puppies would have probably been euthanized if the Animal League hadn’t come in time. Most small shelters are not equipped to deal with the large quantities of homeless animals and Alice was pregnant, which would require care, time and space – three things most municipal shelters just don’t have.

Alice May Have Had a Family Once
When Alice first came to the Animal League, she was shy and a little fearful. She also seemed very sad. Though we don’t know where Alice came from originally, we suspect that she may have had a family once. She is well behaved, housebroken and understands basic commands. But poor Alice didn’t want to walk and wasn’t very responsive. It seemed as though she was missing someone...

Alice Gives Birth to Seven Puppies
After only a month in the Animal League’s care, Alice seemed like a different dog. She became very happy, there was plenty of wag in her tail and she enthusiastically greeted her caretakers. Her belly was getting bigger by the day and it became clear that she was ready to have her babies. On February 19, 2010, Alice gave birth to seven healthy, multicolored puppies, and they are all as adorable as can be.

The HELP Program Saves Lives
Alice and her babies are safe in the Animal League’s care. Their futures are secure and they will all be placed in loving homes when they are ready. The HELP Program ensures that Alice and her babies are loved and cared for every day. Alice was given a warm, clean place to have her litter in safety and the assurance that she and her babies will have the best lives possible.

We Need Your HELP
Your sponsorship of this life-saving program saved Alice’s life. Your generosity saved her seven newborn’s lives. Because you care, the eight of them are alive and well today. But there are so many other innocent mothers and litters that face life-threatening fates. Please HELP us save more families like Alice’s. Your HELP is all it takes.

Please support the Nursery

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