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Help Angel and Family

Angel is a 1½ -year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever mix. Angel and her five newborn puppies were in a small, overcrowded shelter. Sadly, most small kill-shelters do not have the space or resources to care for an entire litter. Furthermore, Angel has heartworm, which is going to require treatment to resolve. Angel and her puppies were at risk of being destroyed.

The Animal League rescued Angel and her babies and placed them in the life-saving Nursery Program. Thanks to supporters like you, we can provide Angel and her puppies all the care and love they need to grow and thrive. In the Nursery, Angel has a safe, quiet place to care for her young.

Angel’s puppies consist of two males and three females and have all inherited their mother’s gentle and friendly disposition. The puppies spend most of their time sleeping and nursing, and Angel works diligently to make sure they are all clean and fed.

Once Angel’s puppies are weaned, the Animal League will treat her heartworm. Resolving heartworm can be a lengthy process, but the Animal League is dedicated to caring for Angel and her family. We will continue to ensure their well-being by making certain that all of them are placed in loving homes. All of their futures are finally secure.

Please support the Nursery, and help save the lives of families like Angel’s.




Please support the Nursery

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