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Help Autumn

This sweet momma and her four delightful pups were born right here at North Shore Animal League America. We rescued a pregnant Autumn in February, and 12 days later, she bore five of the cutest pups you've ever seen. Ranging in color from grey to gold, these little critters, less than one month old, spend most of their time nursing and sleeping and acting adorably. At any given moment, you can catch these precious little ones sprawled out on their backs, bellies exposed, with their little paws in the air, snoozing the day away. Autumn is a chow/retriever mix and is about one year old. Originally, there were five pups in Autumn's litter; but sadly, as nature dictated, one of the little guys was born with a malformed ribcage and died shortly after his birth.

It is always a treat for us to witness the miracle of birth. It doesn't matter how many times we've seen it before, the creation of life is humbling and beautiful. However, North Shore Animal League America understands the seriousness of overpopulation. As much as we enjoy all of our pups and kittens, we cannot allow them to add to the detrimental overpopulation problem. When they are ready, we will spay or neuter each and every one of them - including momma.

By supporting the HELP program, you make it possible for North Shore Animal League America to intensively care for so many precious newborn puppies and kittens. Your generous dedication is vital to the well being of countless families - like Autumn and her darling puppies. Thank you for giving them the good health and happiness they deserve.

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