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Help Cyclone

Cyclone and Her Pups

Long after they roared through the Gulf Coast states, the hurricanes are still affecting the lives of people and pets alike. Many rescued animals are still finding comfort and shelter here at the League including Cyclone, a one-year-old Terrier mix that arrived here expecting a litter of pups. Had she not found her way to us, Cyclone would have had no means to find food, water or shelter; if she had survived through those grueling circumstances, her ever changing body would have made it less and less possible to fend for herself should she come across any situation that could cause her harm.

Luckily we found her in the nick of time. Weeks ticked by as Cyclone readied herself here safe and warm in our medical center for the arrival of her new family.

We are now very excited to report that Cyclone gave birth to 6 healthy puppies here in our medical center. Whenever we have pups or kittens born here at North Shore Animal League America it always fills us with a special feeling of joy. Cyclone came to us heartworm positive which means there is a parasite attacking her heart muscles. The doctors here are treating her for heartworm, however in addition to that she also has an infection in her mammary glands making her milk undrinkable. Not long after she delivered those wonderful little babies she became ill with a high temperature. To keep the newborns healthy and safe we very sadly realized we had to separate Mom and pups. Cyclone was then transferred to a different ward in our medical center so she could receive medicine and the care that she needs while she is feeling under the weather.

And what of those 6 pups? Why, the dedicated staff of the medical center didn’t think twice and divided the pups up between a few of the techs to be taken home and foster-cared for. Since they wouldn’t be nursing from Cyclone, they would all have to be bottle-fed. Their nursing schedule is every three hours, all day and all night. They will have each other to cuddle with and heating pads to keep them nice and warm. It takes a lot of dedication but the folks who work here at North Shore Animal League America understand that the little guys who can’t do for themselves always come first. They will do what has to be done to ensure all 6 of the pups grow big and strong so they can go out onto the adoption floor and find their forever homes. In the meantime we will keep you updated on Cyclone’s condition and how the pups are flourishing.

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