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Help Izzy

Izzy's Spring Litter

Precious and petite Izzy is between one and three years old. This young cat came to the League with her belly full of little ones - and on February 16, 2008, Izzy started pacing, nesting and showing every sign that she was ready to give birth.

By 9:15 am, sweet little Izzy, who looks like a baby, herself, bore a litter of four beautiful and healthy kittens - all ranging in color from white to black - just like momma.

The little kittens mewed, meowed and chirped like a nest of hungry newborn birds. Unable to hear or see, the little ones were so delicate, so helpless and looked so cute and fuzzy. Bluebird, Hummingbird, Starling and Quail are all very healthy and doing well under Izzy’s watchful eye and protective paws. Originally only 4 ½ oz. each, they have now doubled in weight and are still singing the days away.

With spring approaching, the League will be seeing more and more homeless and pregnant animals and countless orphaned babies. Many of these animals will not make it without medical care or proper lodging. Many will die of starvation or from the elements and even more will die from traffic, illness or predators.

North Shore Animal League urges you to remember the importance of spay/neuter and how it saves lives. When you look into Izzy’s gorgeous green eyes and as you marvel at her precious kittens, it’s important to remember how many mothers and litters are suffering and dying at the very same moment.

When Izzy and her babies are ready, they will all be spayed and neutered and placed in loving homes. Neither Izzy nor her young will further contribute to pet overpopulation - and none of them will ever need to worry again.

Please help North Shore Animal League America continue to care for and nurture these innocent animals. By giving them a safe place to live and bear their young, the medical care they need, an eventual loving home and life-saving spay/neuter, we are saving them and their future litters from what may possibly be sad and tragic fates.

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