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Help John, Ringo and Paul


These precious three-week-old kittens were recently abandoned in a carrier here at the League. Sadly, John, Ringo and Paul were left all alone without their mother. Due to their tiny size, they are being bottle-fed and continually monitored in our Foster Care Unit where they will remain until they are healthy and strong enough to be adopted in approximately five weeks.

Until that time, the veterinary technicians in the Foster Care Unit will provide them with all the food, warmth and love the need to grow and thrive. The sweet threesome loves to sleep entwined around one another for the security their mother would normally provide.

Your support of the HELP program enables us to nurture and care for the hundreds of orphaned and newborn puppies and kittens that are rescued or born at the League every year. Your commitment helps defray the extraordinary costs of caring for these tiny, deserving animals - like John, Ringo and Paul - and helps ensure they have real chance at a happy, healthy life.

Please support the Nursery

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