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Help Mirabelle

Sweet, innocent Mirabelle was rescued by the League in February. The thin, young mother-to-be was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection not long after her arrival and transferred to a special unit within our medical center for treatment.

Mirabelle's blood work revealed startling news – it showed that she was in severe kidney failure. Her blood was full of toxins that her kidneys weren't filtering out. It was decided that a blood transfusion would be the best course of action to save this pregnant cat and her litter.

Miraculously, and much to the surprise of the technicians and veterinarians caring for her, Mirabelle delivered four healthy kittens on March 18th, 2006! One kitten was smaller than the rest and born with some deformity in his legs which will be treated with physical therapy. Due to his special needs, he has been placed into a foster home where he is given all the attention and love he needs to increase his strength and size.

Mirabelle and her three kittens remain in the medical center where she is proving herself to be a selfless mom despite her own medical needs and serious condition. She is receiving IV treatments to ensure her ability to produce milk and the kittens are just thriving.

Mirabelle's kidney failure is not common for such a young cat. The League's staff veterinarians suspect that she may have ingested antifreeze before she was rescued. Antifreeze is known to attract animals because of its sweet taste but is very poisonous and potentially lethal.

Sadly, there isn't anything more we can do for Mirabelle's condition. When she is strong enough, she will be placed in a loving, safe foster care home until her illness overcomes her. We salute Mirabelle this Mother's Day for her strength; for what she overcame to deliver her healthy little miracles.

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