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Help Naomi

Naomi was Pregnant and Homeless
Naomi is a sweet and young Terrier mix. She is sweet, affectionate and an amazing dog. Naomi has barely reached 1 year old and has already been through an ordeal.

The Animal League Rescues Naomi
North Shore Animal League America rescued Naomi from a small, overcrowded shelter. Normally, a lovely dog like Naomi has a fighting chance at a secure future, but Naomi had five strikes against her – the five puppies that were growing in her belly.

All too often, pregnant dogs in crowded shelters are euthanized. A mother and litter of puppies need space, resources and can be costly. Unfortunately, most shelters aren’t equipped to handle such an endeavor. If the Animal League hadn’t rescued Naomi, she and her puppies may not be here today.

The Animal League’s HELP Program Saves Naomi and Her Puppies’ Lives

Naomi is now safe and secure in the Animal League’s Help Every Little Pet (HELP) Program. Specially equipped for mothers and newborns, our HELP nursery offered Naomi a calm and clean place to give birth and care for her babies.

Please support the Nursery

To learn about the Sponsorship Nursery and see other mothers and litters we have helped, Visit the Nursery ยป