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Help Raisin

Just a short while ago, Raisin was wandering the lonely streets homeless and pregnant. Her eyesight is very poor, and she had her babies in her belly to worry about.

Raisin's vision steadily grew worse. But luckily, someone found her and took her to North Shore Animal League America. It was at the Animal League that she was able to have her litter in a safe, clean environment.

It was a good thing, too, because as it turned out, Raisin actually needed quite a bit of medical care. The doctors at the Animal League diagnosed Raisin with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV or Feline AIDS), which is a life-time condition, symblepharon in both eyes (the adhesion of the eyelids to the eyeball), keratitis (an inflammation of the cornea) and a corneal ulcer. This is a large order for a small, young seven-pound cat.

But first and foremost, Raisin needed room and board and so did her kittens. All four babies, two boys and two girls were born at the Animal League. They are named Fig, Cranberry, Prune and Apricot. At first, the babies needed a little extra TLC. They were very small and weak. Raisin needed some assistance taking care of them and medication and regular monitoring were required.

Aren't they so beautiful? Look at them sleeping in a little heart shape!

As for Raisin, she needs to spend a little more time in the Animal League's Medical Center. Raisin has almost no vision. She can see shadows and lights - like looking from behind a blanket, and this will never improve. Her left eye is permanently scarred from the keratitis and the symblepharon in both her eyes is permanent.

Raisin and her babies needed much care and attention. Sadly, it is likely that smaller, less equipped shelters would not be able to take on such a time consuming and expensive endeavor. Often, families like Raisin's wind up being euthanized instead of nurtured.

Raisin is currently in a foster care home and her babies have all been adopted. She'll stay in this home until the Animal League can find her a permanent one with her very own family. Raisin's permanent home will need to be feline-free or with other FIV cats because FIV is contagious to other cats.

Thanks to countless caring and loving supporters, Raisin and her kittens are able to have the best lives possible. While she'll never get her vision back, and she'll always have FIV, Raisin can still have a full and happy life - thanks to all of you. And her kittens, Fig, Cranberry, Prune and Apricot, will never know the hardships that she has known.

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