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Help Summer

Summer is a beautiful, brindle-colored Greyhound mix who was admitted into our care in September 2007. When she first came to the League, Summer was in the advanced stages of pregnancy.

Sweet and gentle, this little girl must have had a home once. She’s affectionate and delicate and loves to be spoken to in a soft, playful voice. Perhaps it reminds her of a time when she was loved by her very own family.

On October 9th, at 9:00 am, Summer gave birth to nine adorable puppies. We were surprised that such a petite lady could contain nine babies! But don’t let Summer’s size fool you. She’s strong and determined and she delivered her litter all by herself. We were happy that the birth did not require any human intervention. The League always prefers to step aside and let nature take its course; and unless there are complications, that’s exactly what happens.

Summer’s pups are just as cute as can be. Ranging in color from white to spotted, these little angels are only a few hours old. Their eyes are still closed and are they will not be able to see or hear for several weeks.

What could have happened to Summer that she wound homeless and in need of rescue with a belly full of babies? Sadly, the League encounters many variations of rescue animals – all with their own situations and stories. Did she run away, was she lost, or was she abandoned because no one wanted the responsibility of caring for her puppies? Why has this delightful dog wound up homeless?

As we observe Summer and her pups, we see that Summer is a good mother. She is attentive and gentle, patient and loving. Her pups are all groomed and fed and kissed regularly. Nine puppies, however, is a tall order – even for the most seasoned mother. We will watch Summer closely to see if she can handle taking care of all nine of her cuddly clan. If she needs assistance, we’ll be right there to lend her a helping hand.

The League is quite fortunate to have so many dedicated supporters who make up the HELP program, where mommies and babies can get the continuous care they need. Once running the streets with no guarantee of food or shelter, Summer now has a comfortable place to have her pups and take care of them. She has privacy and security and has no fears of predators harming her or her family.

Thank you for giving our four-legged friends the chance to live – and to live well – to be happy and healthy. When Summer and her squeaky little critters are ready, they will all be spayed and neutered and placed in loving homes.

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