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Visit the Newborn Puppies & Kittens in Our Nursery

Our Sponsorship Nursery (formerly called the HELP Program) is filled each day with the small cries of orphaned or newborn puppies and kittens. Some days, as many as 100 newborns are in our care – being hand-fed from a bottle, nurtured and cared for until they are healthy and strong enough to be placed for adoption into a loving, permanent home.

Special-needs puppies and kittens are in our care because often, a cat or dog will give birth, but the owner is unable to care for the newborns. The Animal League is often asked by other shelters to lend its support where pregnant dogs or cats are scheduled for destruction unless we step in.

By supporting the Animal League’s Sponsorship Nursery you can help care for newborn animals in need, ensuring that these puppies and kittens receive a chance at life. You can view some of our Nursery puppies and kittens on our live streaming video.

Meet Mindy and Lucy: Two Selfless Mother Chihuahuas Care for Seven Helpless Puppies Fighting for Their Lives

Mindy and Lucy are Mindy and Lucy, two resilient Chihuahua mothers who formed a bond while sacrificing their own wellbeing to ensure the lives of their litters.
Read Mindy and Lucy's story »

Help Miracle and Her Kittens »

The Animal League recently rescued Miracle, a pregnant cat, from an overcrowded municipal shelter.

Help Hope and Her Puppies »

The Animal League recently rescued Hope, a young, pregnant Miniature Pitbull from an overcrowded shelter in New York City.

Meet Suna and Her Kittens »

Suna is a 10-month-old calico cat. North Shore Animal League rescued young Suna from a small, overcrowded shelter and a very uncertain fate.


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