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Meet Jenni

This beautiful Black Labrador Retriever mix is Jenni; and the little pile of pups beside her are her five adorable babies.

Jenni and her pups are all healthy and happy and found safety in North Shore Animal League America’s Foster Care Ward, where they were monitored closely and given everything they needed. Though we do not intervene unless necessary, they are still watched closely.

North Shore Animal League America rescued a pregnant Jenni from a southern municipal shelter. Sadly, pet overpopulation in the South is still in a critical state. The likeliness that Jenni or any of the babies in her belly would have lived is extremely slim to none. A pregnant dog requires special care – and eventually her litter will take up a lot of space and need medical attention. Had the Animal League not rescued Jenni – neither she nor her babies would be here today.

Jenni is a wonderful dog and an excellent mother. She is friendly and affectionate and allowed us to handle her young. Then, she smelled, counted and cleaned every one to make sure each member of her family was accounted for. At only 2 years old, Jenni was a very good mother. She had the instincts of a seasoned pro as she meticulously nurtured and loved each puppy fully.

Jenni has been spayed to prevent future litters and to ensure her good health. Her puppies have also been spayed and neutered, and we’re happy to report have all been adopted. North Shore Animal League America is dedicated to our pets’ futures and will not allow any of their fates to be uncertain. We work diligently to make sure they all find loving homes and to guarantee that they will never need rescuing again.

Your help saved Jenni and her pups and will continue to save so many other families who deserve life and love.

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