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Meet Lily and Family

Beautiful Lily is a 1-year-old domestic shorthair cat. Her gorgeous white coat is only rivaled by the allure of her powder blue eyes.

The Animal League rescued a pregnant Lily from a small shelter that could not properly care for her. She was placed in the Animal League’s Nursery, which cares for mothers, litters and orphans that desperately need our help.

The Animal League Rescued Lily From Dangerous Odds
Lily is so young, but she already has her paws full with a family of seven. Sadly, if the Animal League had not intervened, it is likely that Lily and the babies she was carrying would have been euthanized. Most shelters do not have the space, time or resources to care for pregnant animals - especially cats that produce large litters.

Lily Gave Birth to Six Kittens
But thank to the generosity of caring supporters like you, the Animal League cares for them everyday. On August 2, Lily gave birth to six adorable kittens – five boys and one girl. A combination of orange and whites, and even a little calico girl, Lily’s babies were as adorable as can be. At first, Lily was very protective of her kittens. She would stand in front of them and block them when veterinarians peeked. Her motherly instincts were loyal and strong as she cared for each of them fully and gently.

The Animal League Rescued an Orphaned Kitten and Lily Adopted Him
Just a couple of days after Lily gave birth, the Animal League also rescued an orphaned newborn. Though newborns can survive with human intervention, the Animal League always prefers to let nature take place, and we knew the perfect mother for this little guy.

Lily adopted the little black and white kitten right away. After she investigated him for a few moments, she amazed us all by taking her paw and pulling him to her body to nurse. The little guy quickly became Lily’s seventh kitten, and he is cared for as lovingly as the others.

Please Sponsor the Life-Saving Nursery
Your support of the Nursery made it possible for Lily and her kittens to survive. Your generosity saved Lily’s life, gave her a safe place to give birth and also allowed an orphaned kitten to have his very own family.

But your help won’t end with Lily and her family. Your continued support will save countless mothers, litters and orphans that need your help to live.

Please support the Nursery

To learn about the Sponsorship Nursery and see other mothers and litters we have helped, Visit the Nursery ยป