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Mina and Sprout

The Animal League Rescued Two Orphans – Mina and Sprout

These two adorable younglings are orphans. Without proper care, young kittens can not survive without their mothers. North Shore Animal League America acts as a mother to orphans every day. From bottle-feeding to keeping them warm and safe, the Animal League takes care of their every need, and these two precious kittens are no different.

Mina and Sprout are two orphaned kittens in the Animal League’s nursery. Though they are not related, they share similar stories. Mina is a lovely gray and white tabby and is about 7 weeks old. Without a mother or any family, Mina had nowhere to go and little chance of survival. Sprout is an adorable black and white male and is about 8 weeks old. Just a week older than Mina, Sprout was also without any family and his fate was becoming more uncertain by the day.

The Animal League rescued Mina and Sprout and placed them in the life-saving HELP Program, where they received all the care they needed, including baths for their fleas, food, nourishment, vaccines, medication and each other. Such small kittens adapt much better with a sibling, so the Animal League brought two strays together and created one little family.

Mina and Sprout Could Have Died
It is tragic to think that these two little kittens may have died without the Animal League’s help. But it’s incredible to know that because of your support, they and countless others will have happy and healthy lives.

After only one week, Mina and Sprout have become the best of friends – and even more so – littermates. They sleep all curled up together, share their meals and pounce all over each other. You would never know that they are not from the same litter. The two are fun, affectionate and mischievous little kittens. Their meows can be heard from across the room and if you sneak up on them, you can hear them tumbling around. They will be very happy pets one day – the Animal League will see to it.

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