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Sometimes all it takes is the slightest adjustments for a shelter animal to go from anxious and afraid to a well-adjusted pet ready to find a responsible, loving home. For Grover, a young Doberman mix who found himself back at our Port Washington, N.Y. Adoption Center after being adopted as a puppy, a quiet home and steady coaching from a certified behavior trainer was all he needed to morph into a highly adoptable North Shore Animal League America Mutt-i-gree.

As much as Grover was sweet, affectionate and playful, our Pet Behavior Team noticed this handsome young man presented several behavioral issues that needed to be improved before he could be placed up for adoption. The team worked with him for quite some time, but life in a shelter didn’t provide Grover with the relaxed environment he needed to thrive. He was sent to live in New Jersey with trusted foster parent and certified trainer Laura Miller. The hope was that Grover would receive the proper life skills and behavior training to make a seamless transition from his foster home into the home of the perfect adopter.

“I took Grover in about four weeks ago. Once he was out of the shelter environment and he realized he was safe and could be himself, I was able to get a good read on his personality. From there I worked with him on basic commands, obedience, house training, crate training, and other behaviors that needed modification before he could find a home,” said Laura. “He’s a super smart dog who loves the affection of humans. He’s about 60 pounds, but is a true lap dog and loves to curl up. I’ve watched him make so much progress, so I’m excited to see him finally get the chance to find a great home with a family who loves him for who he is.”

Laura worked on correcting inappropriate behaviors like counter surfing and jumping up on humans for attention, and taught him all of his basic commands like sit, lay, and stay. She also introduced him to her dogs and saw his anxiety almost disappear when he was living carefree and staying active with his foster siblings. Although he’s still a work in progress, especially in unfamiliar surroundings with new people, Grover has come a long way from the terrified, guarded dog he was when he first arrived at our campus. But with patient guidance from the right adopters, we are confident this handsome boy will be the perfect addition to the family.

“Ideally Grover would be adopted into an all-adult home or possibly with savvy teenagers who have experience with dogs in the home. A quiet suburban area with a big fenced in yard would also suit him very well because he’s best when he gets his exercise,” said Laura. “He thrives off of loving attention, so basically people who love him and show him the attention he craves would absolutely win him over. He’s a big mush with a heart of gold.”

If you are interested in meeting Grover and possibly making him part of your family, contact Sonia Saakian at 516-883-7900, x350, or [email protected]

Meet Grover

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