///Black Cats Rule My Heart

December is Adopt A Black Kitty Month, because…

Black Cats Rule My Heart

They arrived just after Thanksgiving: three fluffy, sweet, adorable babies, each a miniature of our magical Leon Bear, who died in September. Writing about him for my October blog, I came to love Leon even more — his spirit and his sweetness. We were profoundly lucky to have had him in our lives.

Photo: Howard Stern

Leon Bear, my calm, old-soul beauty.

Naturally, my “Three Little Bears” (below) quickly purred their way into my heart: L.B.J. (Leon Bear Junior), Leonardo, and Baby Bear. I’m thrilled that they turned into a triple adoption and will always be together.

Adoption day for my darling Little Leons.

These slices of Heaven inspired me to declare December as Adopt A Black Kitty Month. December is already designated as National Cat Lovers’ Month. And since this is the month of giving — of finding ways to give something of real value to the world — I asked myself, why not take Cat Lovers’ Month one step further and shine the spotlight on black cats?

There are countless reasons why this is important — one for each of the black cats and kittens overlooked in shelters and waiting for homes. It’s sad, but in this country black cats are the victims of cruel superstitions and misconceptions. In other cultures, though, they’re considered good luck. In Japan, black cats bring wealth and prosperity. In Norse mythology, they bring good harvests. And in England, they bring a happy marriage.

Of course, these nice superstitions are basically as silly as the nasty ones. Black cats, like all cats, bring nothing but love, laughter, and joy into our lives, and that’s more than enough.

As the year ends, it’s natural to look back at the past 12 months and forward to the next. I’m thrilled to see how many beautiful black nuggets passed through our home on their way to adoption during 2018: Willow, Cubby Bear, Nellie, Samantha, Phrannie and Phreddi, Gertie, Benjamin, Fred — and the list goes on. Right now, another group — including Tuxedoes Valentina Parmesan and Giuseppe Spaghetti — is prepping for forever homes.

Five-month old sister/brother Valentina Parmesan and Giuseppe Spaghetti were found outside an Italian restaurant where they were part of a feral colony. After they were trapped, spayed, and neutered, their ears were tipped. The trapper soon realized they were docile and didn’t release them. Thank goodness, because they are now a double adoption, and they are perfection!

Six-month old Ebony came from Puerto Rico and will be adopted in just a few days. Her whiskers sparkle like Christmas tree tinsel in the sunshine.

This is senior kitty Magic, the sweetest of the sweet. He has found his forever home!

Look at delicious Tatertot. Poor little guy was chased up a tree by a predator, fell out, and broke his leg. We’re hoping his leg won’t have to be amputated. He’ll be rechecked in late January. Until then, some very special adopters of mine are fostering him, and he’s already fit right in with their other kitties. I’ll keep you posted.

And then there’s 4-year-old Chipi. He’s sort of a “huline,” a feline with a human face…and an Army t-shirt. So cute! His person can no longer take care of him, so I’m fostering him until he finds his forever home. He loves dogs, laps, and even rabbits. I’m so excited to have him join all the other black cats at my house this month.

Who are these two? I don’t know yet. They’re arriving any day.

For adult black cats like Chipi, seniors like Magic, and those with special needs, the adoption challenge is extra hard. But my goal is to get them all adopted in December so they’ll be home for the holidays! So in honor of Leon Bear and all the gentle, loving black cats in our lives, I hope you’ll join me in educating people — especially children — about what great companions these wonderful animals are. Together, we can turn their negative reputation around. They deserve the best we can give them: to be adopted, loved, and cherished.

With the year drawing to a close, many of us will make resolutions for the next 12 months. I hope you’ll remember the homeless pets in your community. The most important thing any of us can do is adopt. But please consider volunteering or becoming a foster home. My involvement with North Shore Animal League America is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. We can all find meaningful ways to help. And when you’re making your year-end charitable donations, remember that Animal League America and shelters across the country need financial support.

On November 30, Howard and I attended Animal League America’s Get Your Rescue On® Gala, a fundraiser for Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center (BFF), a state-of-the-art facility now under construction at Animal League America’s Long Island campus. We were honored to serve as the co-chairs of this exciting event for the sixth year in a row.

Every time Howard goes to the podium to speak about animals, he makes me so proud.

Named in memory of our beloved dog Bianca, who died in 2012, BFF is dedicated to the rescue, care, and adoption of cats and kittens. So many felines, just as precious as those I’ve mentioned in this blog, will find responsible, loving homes when BFF opens its doors next summer. I can’t wait see the first nuggets who find forever homes though BFF. And I thank everyone who is supporting this incredible project. We can do so much together to mend and save lives.

With hope in my heart, and in the spirit of this beautiful season, I wish all of you a warm, sweet, and purr-filled holiday, and a wonderful 2019.


P.S. I have great news: In my October blog, which featured our dear Leon Bear, I highlighted three adult cats who were waiting patiently for their forever homes with my wonderful colleagues at North Shore Animal League America. Well, guess what? All three have been adopted! They are home for the holidays. I think I got my Christmas present early this year!

Serena: ADOPTED!


Stanleigh: ADOPTED!

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