Hearts Unleashed: A Love Story of Second Chances

////Hearts Unleashed: A Love Story of Second Chances

Love and compassion filled the air at the Pet Health Centers when Leah, a sweet hound mix puppy, and Donnie, a charming cat with special needs, found themselves at the center of a story that transcended barriers and melted hearts.


Leah first arrived to our Pet Health Centers suffering from a mysterious illness – one that her previous owners decided they could not handle and they surrendered her into our care. We were not going to give up on her however, and our medical team began an exhaustive search for answers.

It was during her extended stay in our medical center that Leah met Donnie, a cat in our Pet Sponsorship program. Donnie had been spending time in the Pet Health Centers since last summer after being rescued in a dire state, maggot-infested and struggling with impaired motor coordination. An MRI revealed neurological challenges stemming from excess water on the brain and underdeveloped gray matter, which cause Donnie’s abnormal balance and poor mobility.

Despite his condition, Donnie’s endearing personality made him a favorite among the staff, and in Leah he found a four-legged soulmate. Their friendship blossomed in the midst of their medical challenges, as they sought each other out for solace that included daily snuggles, playtime and naptime.

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Leah responded to treatment quickly and once healthy, easily found a loving, new home – but that meant leaving her best friend behind. Their story wasn’t over, however. Leah’s new family happened to see pictures of the two friends from their time in the Pet Health Centers and decided they should be together! This amazing family came back to Animal League America to adopt Donnie, embracing the challenges that come with caring for a feline with special needs.

Donnie and Leah with their happy adopters.

“Donnie is their first cat. And they didn’t bat an eye when they met him and saw his mobility impairments, because they believe wholeheartedly in the bond between these two pets!” noted Dorit Shevach-Shani, Animal League America Senior Feline Behavior Manager.

The story of Leah and Donnie reminds us of the true essence of love this Valentine’s Day – unconditional, accepting and boundless. At Animal League America, we are proud to make stories like theirs possible through the transformative power of our no-kill mission.

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