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These five-year-old “brothers” are bonded as much as any real siblings could be. They rely on each other to be happy and they do everything together. Including being sweet and loving favorites of our staff and volunteers.

Where one goes the other follows. On the rare occasion they get walked separately, one will wait patiently at the door for the other to return. When they are together they are just like puppies again. Running, playing and having a ball. Unless it’s Hercules’ ball. Then it’s time for Hercules to snatch it back! A true toy hoarder, Hercules will hide all the toys when Vesty isn’t looking.

Vesty does his own share of stealing though – stealing the limelight! Vesty likes to entertain his human friends by rolling over on his back in the middle of a room. When he does this, no one can resist giving him a good belly rub.

Even though they each have their own bed, they like to cuddle up together in one bed all the time —day or night. Snuggled up side by side or plopped down on top of each other, nothing beats the security blanket of a best friend.

Hercules and Vesty are seeking a loving family with a large, fenced-in yard and older children to play with. If you have room in your heart and home for this loveable pair, please contact Rachael Rudman at 516-883-7900, ext 488 or [email protected].

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