November is Senior Pet Health Awareness Month

////November is Senior Pet Health Awareness Month

As animal lovers, no matter how old we are our fondest memories involve time spent with our beloved pets. That’s why, as our pets age, it is important to keep up with regular veterinary checks to ensure more good times to come.

Just like humans, as our pets age they are more likely to develop problems such as heart, kidney and liver disease, cancer or arthritis. Twice yearly exams and periodic diagnostic testing such as blood work can help find underlying issues that can allow early intervention and help extend the life of your pet.

November is Senior Pet Health Awareness Month, and The Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center wants to help your pet make the most of their golden years.

During the month of November, if your pet is 7 years and older, schedule a Senior Wellness Exam and receive 10% off a Senior Comprehensive Blood Panel.*

For more information, or to make an appointment call (516) 883-2000, or email us at [email protected]

* The exam and any other diagnostics recommended will be at normal pricing.

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