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Meet Maisey! In late November, 2015, North Shore Animal League America saved the lives of 90 dogs and puppies during a Puppy Mill Rescue in the Midwest.

One of the puppies rescued was a gorgeous Morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix) puppy. The literal picture of perfection, this 7-week-old pup looked like a stuffed animal much better suited for a toy store shelf than the filthy, cramped cage in which she was born. But after her initial examination in our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center our veterinarians discovered the tiny Morkie puppy wasn’t as cosmetically perfect as it seemed.

“Maisey was born without the lower part of her hind paws. While it is hard to know for sure without evaluating the parents other siblings, birth defects like these often have a hereditary basis,” said Animal League America Vice President and Chief of Veterinary Staff, Dr. Mark Verdino. “What is important to note is that this commercial breeding facility would have likely euthanized Maisey, an otherwise healthy puppy, since she would not be saleable.”

Doctor Verdino and his team fitted the tiny rescue with commercial booties on the limbs to protect the skin on the bottom of her stubs where weight-baring pads would usually reside. He said once she is fully grown, he and his team will look into fabricating prosthetic feet to allow her full function with no pain or trauma.

As the newest member of our Sponsor Pets Program, this gorgeous girl will receive everything she needs from Animal League America to live a happy, healthy life, and she even has a new family to call her own, complete with canine siblings.

Despite not having feet on her hind legs, Maisey has barely any issues with mobility. Although she does have some special needs because of her condition, she has had no problem fitting in with her new family. “Maisey races around my house, chasing after her four-legged siblings; Oliver and Julie,” noted Maisey’s new mom, Courtney Kane, “The best part about being a dog, I suppose, is you aren’t aware that you’re “different”.  However, in her case, we don’t see her as different, but rather perfect.”

March 2019

CONGRATULATIONS, MAISEY! Maisey’s life just got even sweeter! Not only is this darling Morkie adored, healthy, and in a “long-term, committed relationship” with Ollie, a cute Jack Russel Terrier, but her living situation has improved to the extent that she can graciously “graduate” from our Pet Sponsorship Program to make room for another special-needs pet. She and her family thank all of her generous and compassionate Sponsors for their years of love and support and wish her successor in the program good health and good fortune. Happy life, Maisey! We love you.

November 2018

Everyone’s favorite “Morkie” still steals the hearts of all she meets. This adorable girl has been living the spoiled life since being adopted into
the perfect responsible, loving home. She and her canine and human siblings enjoy nothing more than playing with their toys and spending quality cuddle time with those they love. Talk about the perfect lap dog. This teacup pup just gets sweeter all the time. Because of our Rescue Team and her Sponsors, Maisey has a happy, healthy life with a family who adores her. Thank you for your continued support of this lifesaving program.

March 2018

This beautiful little girl continues to blossom with the help of her adopted family! Even with malformed back paws, she finds a way to run around with her two canine siblings, who are also Animal League America rescues! Maisey is never one to pass up the opportunity to cozy up on laps, take a snooze, or find a willing face for lots of doggy kisses. Whatever she’s up to, Maisey has all of her amazing sponsors to thank for it!

December 2017

Maisey is enjoying the sweet life and is as cheerful as ever. Perhaps more so because she senses the excitement of the holidays through the hustle-bustle of family life. But all is calm, all is bright when Maisey sits on her mom’s lap. It’s because of her sponsors that Maisey is here to enjoy the season. Thank you!

September 2017

This 5-pound little ‘teddy bear’ couldn’t be happier, especially since late summer is her favorite time of year. Maisey has never let her disability stop her from playing with her siblings, both doggy and human, and enjoying everything life has to offer. Whether she’s sitting on the lap of her loving mom, Courtney, chewing on her favorite toys, or simply being one of the kids, Maisey has certainly been enjoying the good life!

June 2017

This adorable little girl continues to thrive in her loving home! She’s a tiny girl, but that doesn’t stop her from running around the backyard and the house and playing with her family and other animal pals. Maisey loves warm weather when she can enjoy the sun on her back and the summer wind in her gorgeous face. Thanks to everyone who sponsors her, Maisey has never been happier or healthier!

March 2017

Maisey is fantastic! Her family has chickens who frequent their yard and she loves them (when she’s not chasing them). She is about five pounds and very happy. She enjoyed the holidays with both her human and canine siblings.

December 2016

Maisey seems to have reached her full size at five pounds! She remains very playful and is an avid chewer of many toys. Since Maisey has been favoring a leg during walks, her family will be scheduling an appointment at the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center. Until then, Maisey will be taking it easy and enjoying some extra special pampering at home.

September 2016

Maisey has grown to nearly 5 lbs (almost doubling her weight!). She manages to get around just fine even without her hind paws. She and her doggie brother and sister are such pranksters together that they keep their human triplet siblings laughing all the time. Her family can’t thank you enough for your compassionate help.

June 2016

Maisey is doing great and has surprisingly adjusted so well to her life without hind paws. Her sassy personality is starting to show through–as well as one of sheer determination! She loves playing with her canine brother and sister and was just spayed last month. Her family loves her immensely and can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

March 2016

Maisey is a wonder. She has been getting around quite well, even without back paws. She chases her canine brother and sister, who are both North Shore Animal League America dogs, as well. She has gone from about 1.9 lbs to nearly 2.5 lbs and is particularly adventurous, even climbing stairs. Her human triplet siblings love her and help to care for her on a daily basis. Maisey’s friends here created a special pair of pajamas that will cover her delicate feet until she’s full grown and can have prosthetics. We are thrilled for Maisey and her family! Thank you!