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Once abandoned, now safe. Alfredo, rescued by North Shore Animal League America from a municipal shelter, is now out of harm’s way. No longer a stray, this beautiful Pekingese will have his medical needs cared for the rest of his life.

Upon careful evaluation from the Animal League’s dedicated veterinary staff, it has been determined that Alfredo has a complex, life-long medical condition.

Little Alfredo arrived at the League with an upper respiratory infection. Chronic conditions include luxating patellas (dislocated knees), hip dysplasia, corneal ulcers and most importantly a history of seizures. He is being treated as an epileptic with Phenobarbital medication and his seizures are well controlled. Thankfully, both his luxating patellas and his hip dysplasia do not require surgery at this time. At an estimated 7 years of age upon arrival, orthopedic problems are of concern, and could result in pain or lameness. He will be monitored closely throughout his time in our care.

Because Alfredo’s ailments are extensive and ongoing, most small municipal shelters would not be able to accommodate his needs. His care would be too costly and comprehensive. Instead, it is likely that Alfredo would be put down. The Animal League is dedicated to helping him have the best quality of life possible. Therefore, Alfredo was a natural choice for enrollment in the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program which helps care for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with special needs.

Your support of the Animal League’s Sponsor Program is helping to ensure that Alfredo and many other animals in our care receive the love they need to be as happy and healthy as possible. At the Animal League, they are safe, and loving care is guaranteed. Please help us continue to provide so many animals in need with this unprecedented care.

July 2020

Alfredo has been feeling his age lately. But when he suddenly was weak and not able to eat or drink on his own, mom Marissa brought him right to Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers. The veterinarian thought he might have had a minor stroke or was suffering from a severe infection. So she gave Marissa antibiotics to give him, anti-nausea medicine and an appetite stimulant. “He’s still a bit confused and a little wobbly, but he’s eating now and more his normal personality,” said Marissa. Everyone is so happy that he’d doing better!

March 2020

Alfredo isn’t enthusiastic about going outdoors when the weather is foul. Once he sees that it’s raining, he wants to stay inside and take a long, relaxing nap. Alfredo is defi nitely showing signs of his advancing age as his vision and hearing are not what they once were. Considering that he’s now over 15-years-old, he is doing very well! During his last checkup, our veterinarian confi rmed that Alfredo’s kidney function has improved. Besides his special diet kibble, Alfredo’s mom Marissa has been making him some kidney-friendly wet food which he enjoys. However, getting Alfredo to eat has always been a challenge and he hasn’t gained any weight. His seizures, which he has at least once a month, are still being managed with medication. Despite everything, Alfredo still loves to snuggle with Marissa and her family.

November 2019

Alfredo’s family recently noticed that he was exceptionally thirsty and urinating much more than usual. He was brought in to the Pet Health Centers at North Shore Animal League America for an exam and blood work. It turns out that Alfredo is in the beginning stages of kidney disease. It‘s not severe enough to add any medication, but a special diet is now necessary. Through regular visits, the veterinarians will be keeping a close eye on his blood work to determine next steps. Alfredo also continues to have grand-mal seizures at least once a month and is maintained on a high dose of an anticonvulsant. However, his general energy level and mood have been consistent and he still has times during the day when he runs around the apartment doing joy laps with his people! Alfredo moved into a new apartment and has been getting the lay of the land and finding the best sun spots to nap in. We thank you for your caring and ongoing support of Alfredo.

July 2019

Alfredo is happy it’s summer as he is not a big fan of cold and snow—though he does enjoy a long nap on a winter day says his mom, Marissa. He recently enjoyed a visit with his dog cousin, Ginger, who is much larger than he is. At 14-years-old, however, Alfredo considers himself the boss and she defers to him. Ginger even lets him sleep in her bed! His health issues continue to be a struggle as he still has clusters of seizures monthly. His mom reports that they’ve been lucky that with his regular medications and checkups, and the excellent veterinary care at Animal League America, he has never had a prolonged attack. The family would like to try taking him on short hikes, if his joints allow, in the warm weather!

March 2019

Alfredo had some scary health issues since our last update, including a cluster of seizures. During an urgent visit at our Pet Health Centers, his veterinarian, Dr. Mark Verdino, gave him a thorough checkup. His physical and lab work showed no major abnormalities but, his blood levels of seizure medication were a bit high. Increasing this medication is not an option because Alfredo is an older dog (he recently celebrating his estimated 14th birthday!) and adding medication puts him at risk for complications. Instead, Dr. Verdino recommended an alternative treatment: doggie CBD treats. He is doing well, and his family is grateful to Alfredo’s Sponsors for helping him access excellent medical care at Animal League America.

November 2018

What a big summer it was for this adorable little guy! In May, Alfredo served as the ring bearer at the wedding of his loving parents, Marissa and Ariel. In June, he had a long vacation back in NYC with his friend Ginger while his humans were off on their honeymoon. By July, things got right back on schedule — yoga in the morning (Alfredo likes to sit on the mat) and hide and seek in the evening (his favorite game.) Surprise in August:
Alfredo had his portrait made! This winter will bring even more special treats and we have his amazing Sponsors to thank for that!

March 2018

Alfredo enjoyed a family trip (dogs and humans!) to the West Coast last winter. His mom, Marissa, says that he was brave and calm on the airplane and caught up on nap time. He had only one seizure in 2017 and is hoping for a seizure-free 2018! A recent check-up found that he lost a small amount of weight despite having a good appetite. So his family is offering him tasty, higher-calorie treats — yum! Alfredo is thankful to his sponsors for contributing to another year of good healthy living in his wonderful home.

December 2017

Although Alfredo is well into his “senior” years with his estimated 13th birthday on the horizon, his health and energy have been holding strong and his spirits are good. As the “Chief Napper” of the household, as his mom affectionately calls him, he holds down the fort on various surfaces (couches, chairs, beds, crumpled up sweaters on the floor), and loves to cuddle with anyone who doesn’t have to go to work early in the morning. His appetite continues to be finicky, but is bolstered by special treats like bell peppers, cheese, and the occasional piece of fi sh. He enjoyed a trip upstate and had several visits with his dog cousin/BFF Ginger.

September 2017

ALFREDO’S mom Marissa, says he is feeling great! He’s enjoying summer weather – going to the park and taking long walks on the beach. Health-wise he’s also been doing well, having been seizure-free for approximately six months. At a recent checkup, Alfredo’s veterinarian said he lost a bit of weight, but otherwise he’s in wonderful shape! To help him gain back some of the weight he lost, he’ll be getting more special treats like plantains, eggs, and peanut butter…YUM!

June 2017

Alfredo has had such an exciting year! Just last month he and his furry friends, Marissa and Ariel moved into a new apartment! Now he has two new friends to play with and a nice long hallway to run around at all hours! Over the holiday break Alfredo had a week long sleepover with his friend, Ginger. They spent their days playing and napping. The most striking piece of news is that Alfredo may not be the 100% Pekingese after all! It turns out Alfredo may be part Japanese Chin. We do know one thing, Alfredo’s family loves him to the moon and back.

March 2017

Alfredo has been getting lots of walks in the fresh air when it’s not too cold. This debonair doggy enjoys showing off his favorite sweaters and jackets. He recently had a wellness checkup here at the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center and thankfully his blood work was normal. He has been seizure-free for about four months and is well managed on his current medications. He recently met some new relatives at a family get-together and tasted roasted vegetables for the very first time – yum!

December 2016

Alfredo has enjoyed several trips from Brooklyn to Long Island to visit friends and take long naps in the shade. Medically he recently gave his owners a scare after having two seizures in one day, but has been well since and will be going in for a check-up including vaccinations soon. He continues to take the stairs in his 3rd story walk-up like a champ, though sometimes on longer walks he gets tired and politely requests to be carried.

September 2016

Alfredo enjoyed his short haircut all summer long! He has been seizure-free for all of 2016 with daily medication and his orthopedic issues have not been limiting his mobility. He enjoyed a recent trip to the beach (though has no interest in going in the water!) and many outings to the park and beyond. Alfredo and his mom thank all his wonderful sponsors.

June 2016

Alfredo is doing very well. He enjoyed a recent playdate with his dog cousin, Ginger, a fellow Mutt-i-gree who also has a seizure disorder – though they both have been seizure free for some time! Otherwise Alfredo is in good health with afi t weight which helps to support his bones and joints, preventing pain from his orthopedic conditions. Alfredo and his family thank all his sponsors!

March 2016

Alfredo is faring well and enjoys sporting his sweaters in the chilly air. Among his favorite activities are climbing to the top of the couch and curling up for a nap, watching cars go by out the window, and running as fast as he can for about half a block while on walks with his people. Some of his new, yummy snacks include baby carrots and apple slices. Healthwise, Alfredo is doing well and has been seizure-free for over 6 months! His appetite has improved and energy is very good for a nearly 11-year-young pup! Alfredo and his mom are ever so grateful to his sponsors for their monthly generosity.

December 2015

Alfredo has been showing off his cool-weather, longer haircut by strutting around the dog park. His mom Marissa chuckles while she watches all the dogs come running to check out her little king. Once home, he enjoys some snuggle time and endless petting from Marissa. Thankfully, his epilepsy is well under control with his medication and he remains seizure free. Alfredo and Marissa wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season!

September 2015

Alfredo had a great summer, keeping cool with his shorter haircut! He especially enjoyed walks in the park and going to the beach. Although he doesn’t enjoy going in the water, he loves to run around in the sand and eat beach picnics! His last checkup showed his bloodwork to be normal, and he has been well maintained on his seizure medication. His appetite and energy level are good and he has maintained his weight. Alfredo is enjoying his role as the household king of naps and encouraging others to nap as well! Thank you to all his sponsors!

June 2015

Alfredo recently took a trip to Seattle, where he got to meet more of his human family and their furry friends. He had a great time, taking long walks on the beach and in the forest! Medically, Alfredo has been doing fairly well; he has gained a little weight, and has been eating well and has been seizure-free for several months – which is wonderful news.

March 2015

Alfredo is Mr. Popular – he loves getting together with his rescue dog friends! They love to play and nosh on tasty carrots as a special treat. Alfredo’s health has been okay. His seizure frequency has increased but our veterinary team at the Animal League is trying a new medication that will hopefully help. Alfredo remains very happy and content which is good for the little guy.

December 2014

Alfredo is enjoying the cool fall air. He receives a lot of attention from the neighborhood kids, they love to pet him and take turns walking him. This October Alfredo celebrated a very special 10th birthday! His mom is so impressed with how much energy he has for being an older dog. We are so thankful for our supporters who allow Alfredo to live such a happy and healthy life.

September 2014

Alfredo is faring well. He has been seizure-free for about two months and managing on his regular medication. Recently, he had his summer haircut; it helps him stay cool while looking extra dapper. He attended Pet Day at Coney Island – rocking his Penne Alfredo costume! He had a lot of fun strutting his stuff on the boardwalk and riding a few rides – under his mom’s supervision, of course. His mom thanks all of his generous sponsors.

June 2014

Since the last update, Alfredo had another grand-mal seizure. He recovered well and will soon have his check-up to test his medication levels. Alfredo is one busy boy; he has truly established himself as a volunteer “pet counselor” at a local nursing home. His natural nurturing ability is apparent when he visits the residents at their bedsides for some snuggling and conversation. So many gloomy days are lightened up when Alfredo comes to visit. He also has a new pen pal – or as his human mom calls it “Paw Pal” – with another adopted dog who lives in Missouri. He is always happy and enjoys each day to the fullest!

March 2014

Alfredo has had some ups and downs these past couple of months. He had gone almost two years without having any seizure activity and is in generally quite good health. The veterinarians here were tapering his medications down, but unfortunately Alfredo had a grand-mal seizure recently and then another soon afterwards. He recovered well from these episodes, but was prescribed a higher dose of medication to keep his seizures in check. A check-up in early December found Alfredo to be in good general health and he has gained a little weight, which is good – now a full 11 pounds! Alfredo has also started volunteering at a local nursing home in Brooklyn, receiving a very warm welcome! Being as he is a natural-born snuggler, he has been thriving at his assigned duty of being petted and loved by others who are also in need of a little extra TLC.

September 2013

Alfredo had his summer haircut! He likes prancing about with his fancy new hairdo and all the resulting attention he gets. He loves spending more time outside, walking about the neighborhood and meeting other dog friends here and there! For the most part, he is in great health with no seizures since Christmas Eve 2011! Because of this, Alfredo gets to take a little less medicine than before, which he does not mind at all. Alfredo is as sweet as ever towards his family, and helped them welcome some house guests with graciousness and the best of host etiquette!

June 2013

Alfredo is doing very well, and now that summer is here, he is basking in the warmth of the sun. Since his last visit with Dr. Verdino, he lost some weight, so we are letting him have some extra treats. Bananas are always a welcome treat, and a little olive oil on top of his food usually sweetens the pot. He also loves kale stems. He is still seizure-free as of December 2011. Currently his chronic orthopedic conditions do not seem to be hindering him in his day-to-day fun, as he excitedly trots up and down the stairs with ease, and often with more speed than us. He continues to excel in his chosen job of professional napping!

March 2013

Alfredo is doing very well. He had his checkup early in December and got a clean bill of health. The best news: As of December 24, 2012, he has gone one year with no seizures! Alfredo took a little vacation for a few days over Christmas, staying with a devoted friend and dog-sitter nearby in Brooklyn while his pets (humans) flew to see some family out of town. He had a blast, and may have even gotten a little spoiled as his sitter spent all her time with him and took him to her office for a couple days. All and all, Alfredo is having a quiet cozy winter thus far, enjoying snuggling inside with his people and taking naps in his sun spots in the apartment. Still, he is looking forward to the weather warming so he can go for longer adventures outdoors.

December 2012

Alfredo has gotten accustomed to his new bed being right up against the bed of Marissa, Alfredo’s adopted mother. They sleep side by side and occasionally she will hear his soft barks as he is dreaming. He is very considerate of human sleep habits. He will nap and groom himself through the night, and he waits patiently for the slightest sign of waking up in the morning. Then he will jump on the bed, snuggle, and love for a while. Recently the family moved into a new apartment. Alfredo adjusted very quickly, making friends on the block and enjoying the new smells of a new neighborhood. He is enjoying the cooler weather, taking the time to sniff each leaf that moves in the breeze. He just got a new haircut, and then it was off to visit Dr. Verdino at the Alex Lewyt Medical Center at Animal League America. He got a clean bill of health! His energy has been great and there are no problems with Alf taking his medication. He hasn’t had any seizures since December 2011. He lost a little weight, so the family has been a little more liberal with his treats. One very kind sponsor sent him treats of salmon and sweet potatoes, which he loves. He also likes bananas, zucchini and most other fruits and vegetables.

September 2012

Alfredo received a very special gift from a very special sponsor earlier this month: a state-of-the-art orthopedic bed for his arthritic little body. He likes it very much. Marissa, his adopted mother, compares this bed to a king-sized mattress for a little dog like him. He is certainly intrigued by the texture of it, which makes it easy for him to climb on. Still, he still loves napping in his preferred patch of sunshine in the kitchen. As far as his health concerns go, Alfredo is doing very well! He has had no seizures since last December and is very good about taking his medication. That might be because Marissa puts a dab of peanut butter on it—one of his favorite treats. Alfredo is maintaining a healthy weight, and his orthopedic conditions (luxating patella’s and hip dysplasia) do not seem to interfere with his gait or posture at this time. He is scheduled for a September checkup (watch for news in our next update). Alfredo enjoyed his Fourth of July for the most part, especially his treat of a small piece of seedless watermelon. He wasn’t sure of what to make of the fireworks, but when he noticed his pets (humans) weren’t frightened by the noise, he didn’t let them bother him.

June 2012

Since we last reported to you, Alfredo had a very bad allergic reaction to his seizure medication. He was hospitalized for a blood infection that caused severe inflammation of the lower GI tract and internal bleeding. The family is happy to report that after his medications were changed, Alfredo has not had any more symptoms of the illness and is back to being himself. The best news is he has not had any seizures since December. Slowly, Alfredo has been warming up to the local dog park, although he would rather sit on the bench and meet other humans than to play with the other dogs. He is always happy to see Bear and Casper, friends from his neighborhood; you can see he is at ease with these two friends.

March 2012

Alfredo is adjusting very well to his new home! He has favorite napping spots around the house, including the bath mat, which he has claimed as his own, the couch of course, and any piece of clothing that is left on the floor. He prefers to be as close as possible to his humans at all times and dislikes when doors are closed. His favorite activities include thoroughly sniffing everything outdoors, watching Friday Night Lights, and snuggling in bizarre positions. Alfredo and his family went to the dog park for the first time recently and Alfredo was curious, but a little shy about socializing with the other dogs; he was a bit more interested in meeting other humans.

December 2011

NEW TO PROGRAM! – Once abandoned, now safe. Alfredo, rescued by North Shore Animal League America from a local kill shelter, is now out of harm’s way. No longer a stray, this beautiful Pekingese and full of life angel will have a home here in the Animal League’s shelter for as long as he needs to. Upon careful evaluation from the Animal League’s dedicated veterinary staff, it has been determined that Alfredo has a complex, life-long medical condition. Little Alfredo arrived with an upper respiratory infection. Chronic conditions include luxating patellas (dislocated knees), hip dysplasia, corneal ulcers and most importantly a history of seizures that we do not know the cause of. He is being treated as an epileptic with Phenobarbital medication and his seizures are well controlled. Thankfully, both his luxating patellas and his hip dysplasia do not require surgery at this time. At an estimated 7 years of age upon arrival, orthopedic problems are of concern, and could result in pain or lameness. He will be monitored closely throughout his time in our care.