Meet Brando

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A Warm Welcome to Brando! Brando was rescued as an older kitten who was too fearful of people to be adopted. Even though the little guy was frightened, he had his brother Cyrus by his side.

League veterinarians soon found medical issues in both of the timid boys. Poor Brando has allergic dermatitis which could develop lesions or skin irritations if not monitored. Luckily, he hasn’t needed any additional treatment but it will always be available if necessary. Even though he was extremely skittish as a younger feline, after some time of loving care and attention, we were able to uncover the true courageous cat that he is! He and his brother have overcome their shyness and are now enjoying their lives.

Both reside together here on campus, where they can play and hop around from cat tree to cat tree. In the meantime, we will continue to look for that exceptional someone to take them both home and provide the special care they need. It is the monthly supporters that allow us to provide Brando with the best quality of life and the proper attention he deserves. We are honored you have chosen to be Brando’s Sponsor Program Pet Parent – thank you!

March 2021

In our promise to give the Sponsor Pets the very best life possible, we have reclaimed Brando and Cyrus in agreement with their former adopter who finds herself unable to give them the special attention they require. Very unfortunately, Brando ran away from home just before Animal League America came to pick up both brothers. Please know that we have brought all our resources to bear in finding Brando and will not give up our search. Our No-Kill mission means that we just don’t give up on the animals in our care…ever. In the meanwhile, Cyrus is reacquainting himself with the humans he already knows here and making new friends too. He’s responding well to all the attention lavished upon him and, of course, receiving exceptional medical care too. We ask for your fervent wishes that Brando is found and for sweet Cyrus to continue on the path to the ultimate home he needs and deserves.

November 2020

These precious boys turned nine years old recently! Howard had a comprehensive blood panel done several months ago and his results were good. However, Howard had been having digestive issues. The veterinarian ordered a special food and prescribed an antibiotic for possible infection. Even though mom Joan ordered the medicine compounded into a fish-flavored liquid, Howard has a sharp nose and decidedly didn’t like it. The veterinarian also noted that Howard had lost four pounds since April and a subsequent abdominal ultrasound confirmed that Howard has IBD (irritable bowel disease) and a mild pancreatitis. She recommended a steroid that comes in a tablet to be mixed with Howard’s food and Joan is very relieved that Howard is now feeling better. Meanwhile, Sirius is his chunky, happy self. He also had bloodwork done. The doctor noticed that his potassium was somewhat low so she prescribed a supplement gel that can be mixed with his food which is a special diet that helps keep his kidneys healthy. Joan wishes to express her deep gratitude to her cats’ Sponsors for their generosity that helps her provide everything these special boys need. She can’t imagine her life without them!

July 2020

Brando & Cyrus recently turned nine years old. “They still wrestle with each other,” said Joan. “When they’re running around, 90 percent of the time it’s Brando chasing Cyrus.” Cyrus’s renal disease is under control with his special diet and his echocardiogram earlier this year that showed his heart murmur has remained the same. “Cyrus is happy, healthy, and purrs all the time,” said Joan. “He’s also eating and drinking fine.” Brando is going to need blood work done soon and possibly Cyrus as well since they are senior cats. Joan usually has to take them to their local veterinarian in Virginia one at a time. She even puts a calming spray on herself, their towel, and the carrier. This seems to keep the each cat calmer. Their mom says they are “food obsessed” but due to their conditions she can only give them a few treats. She purchases the hypoallergenic ones which they don’t get often. When they do, Brando keep Cyrus from getting as many. But at the end of the day, Joan has seen them “sleeping together in one cat bed with Cyrus with his paw over Brando.” Joan just “loves them so much and is so happy to have them.” She wants to convey a very special thank you to their sponsors!

March 2020

Both boys are due for their annual wellness exams soon and Sirius will need to schedule another echocardiogram. Sirius must eat special food to help keep his kidney’s healthy (and Howard eats it also) and he takes a supplement called Epakatin that assists with kidney function too. Howard’s skin became irritated recently and the veterinarian believes he may have a fi sh allergy. So the special kidney food was changed to the chicken variety. He hasn’t had any issues with dermatitis recently. The boys are often playful and they LOVE cardboard boxes. Sirius’s favorite place to sleep is in his cat bed at night. “Howard, lucky for me, will make biscuits on me and our blanket while purring,” said their mom, Joan. “Howard will also spoon with me. It doesn’t get any cozier than this!”

November 2019

Howard and Sirius’’s mom, Joan, have a new apartment in Virginia. It’s a spacious one bedroom and the boys have plenty of room to play and relax. There are lots of boxes and large paper shopping bags around for them to enjoy — these are their favorite toys. The boys always enjoy perching on the window sills and watching the birds. Sirius had his annual checkup and vaccine recently and the vet helped to clip both of their nails. Sirius and Howard had dental cleanings about two years ago at the Pet Health Centers at North Shore Animal League America. It’s almost time to check in with the vet to see if she recommends that they have dental cleanings again soon.

July 2019

Howard and Sirius (aka Brando and Cyrus) are doing well and living in Hampton, Virginia. Their mom, Joan, says she never gets tired of “watching these sweet and loving cats snoozing and cuddled together.” Since they will be moving to another apartment, Joan made sure they both have been microchipped – just in case. The boys take moving homes in stride. Their favorite item to play with is a paper bag, even though they have many toys and scratchers! Sirius underwent an echocardiogram and the doctor said his heart is functioning well. That’s such a relief! Your Sponsorship has enabled these two bonded cats to stay together and they provide Joan with a lot of love and companionship.

March 2019

Howard and Sirius (aka Brando and Cyrus) are healthy and happy with their devoted mom, Joan. Now living in Hampton, Virginia, this bonded pair plays together and sleeps side by side. Recent visits to their veterinarian proved very positive, which pleased Joan tremendously. She shared that her favorite thing in the cold weather is snuggling with her big kittens every night. “I love Howard and Sirius so much,” she said. “They are my constant companions and provide me with so much love and affection.” That’s what your Sponsorship does!

November 2018

Life in their new home in Hampton, Virginia has been everything their human mom, Joan, hoped it would be for her two special boys. As they settled into their new home, Howard and Sirius made sure to make use out of the several moving boxes that were scattered around the apartment. They took turns climbing in and out of them, almost as if they were playing their own game of hide and seek. Now, most of their days are exploring all of the intricacies of their new space, playing with their many toys, and lounging around the house – many times cuddled on top of one another on the couch or in their beds. Their favorite new spot in the home is the screened in porch, watching birds and taking in all the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. A big thank you to their Sponsors for the wonderful life they deserve.

March 2018

Their mom, Joan, says it’s amazing how close the boys are — always playing together, basking in the sun on the windowsills, or lounging in their beds — they are never far from one another. In October, the duo went on a road trip to the dentist. After thorough cleanings, both cats had extraction procedures in order to remove damaged teeth. We are happy to report that both guys did wonderfully and were back home with mom later
that day! Thanks to the support of their sponsor parents, Howard and Sirius are healthy and ready to tackle 2018!

December 2017

These sweet boys continue to shower their mom, Joan, with so much affection. All it takes is a look towards Howard or Sirius, and they jump on the cat tree or bed for some petting and back scratching. “These cats’ wishes are my commands,” said Joan. “When it was hot and humid in the summer, I was grateful to have air conditioning in my apartment. I am sure that Sirius and Howard appreciated it, too. They sure are spoiled in every sense of the word.” Thank you very much to our pet sponsors for your generous donations. Thanks to your sponsorship, North Shore Animal League America is able to provide Howard and Sirius with all of the food and medical coverage they need to live happy, healthy lives with their loving mom!

September 2017

Both cats went for their checkups last spring, and we’re glad to report that their health is good. Fortunately, the Epakitin that Sirius takes daily for his kidneys is doing a fine job of controlling his phosphorous levels. The cats’ mother, Joan, recently started them on a special diet food jam packed with vegetables and tuna, and they are thrilled to say the least! She said Sirius actually meows for it! It’s obvious that Joan adores her pair of special boys and she’d do anything to make them happy. “I am so lucky to share my space with these stunning and sweet guys,” she says. “I make sure to tell this to them every day.”

June 2017

These two are real characters according to their mom, Joan. She says Brando, who she renamed Howard, likes to sit on the couch and watch Nat Geo Wild, while Cyrus, now Sirius, would rather find a comfy spot next to her and purr for belly rubs. When they aren’t relaxing on the couch or in bed, the two of them love to run around the apartment and play with one another, which brings nothing but smiles to the face of their loving mom. When she comes home from work every day, who is there to greet her with purring and rubs? You guessed it, of course: Howard and Sirius. These two boys are enjoying the good life in a wonderful home thanks to all of the love and support from their sponsors.

March 2017

Good news! Brando & Cyrus have been adopted and are loving life in Rockaway Park, N.Y. In honor of the Sterns, Brando has been renamed Howard and Cyrus is now Sirius. As the only pets in the home, the brothers have their very own cat tree all to themselves. The boys have brought so much joy to their mom’s life, more than she could possibly imagine. Both greet her when she comes home from work for an under-the-chin rub, setting off uncontrollable purring that mom calls, “turning your motor up!”

December 2016

Adoption news for Brando and Cyrus! On October 9, 2016, Brando and Cyrus were taken home to begin their life in Rockaway Park, N.Y. As the only pets in the house, their adopter is ready to shower the boys with plenty of lap time, ear rubs and cuddles at bed time. Everyone here couldn’t have been happier for them and believe they are the perfect match.

September 2016

Great news! Cyrus has been successfully weaned off the daily fluids previously needed to regulate his kidneys. Our expert doctors will continue to monitor him, but everyone here is very excited about his progress. Unfortunately, Brando and Cyrus recently returned to our adoption center when their time in foster care ended. Staff and volunteers were happy to welcome them back to resume their previously held ‘favorites of the cat room’ title. Everyone is working so hard to find them a responsible, loving home as soon as possible. Even Beth Stern, our national spokesperson and foster mom, joined in when she posted their story to her Instagram with over 6,000 views! You can follow Brando and Cyrus’ journey by searching #H201097 and #H201096 on Instagram. Brando and Cyrus would most likely not be alive today without the devotion and support of North Shore Animal League America’s sponsors. Thank YOU.

June 2016

Brando and Cyrus are enjoying a cage-free life in their wonderful foster home. The adjustment has mostly been seamless for the boys who love to run around their condo, climb their cat tower and watch squirrels and birds from their big windows. They continue to be deeply bonded, and even though they have lots of space to spread out in, they always find their way back to each other for a heart-shaped cuddle. Animal League America continues to support their foster mom, Emily, with guidance on medical and behavioral issues Cyrus is experiencing due to the dose of fluids he needs to receive for his Renal Disease. We are happy to report that his recent blood tests came back with good results and he is now weaned to fluids once a week. We are keeping a close eye on this, and are very hopeful that he will soon be weaned completely. Brando and Cyrus have the best opportunity for their permanent happily ever after. All thanks to you!

March 2016

Good news! Brando and Cyrus, who have had a long medical journey at North Shore Animal League America, have been fostered by a former associate, Emily. She promised that she would be back as soon as she had a place of her own. So, when Emily left here to pursue a new career, she continued to volunteer at the shelter because her big heart couldn’t leave our cause completely. Dorit Shani, our Feline Behaviorist, is working with Emily to learn how to administer the fluids and medication Cyrus needs daily. Emily devoted many free weekends during this time so that when the boys came home, everyone would be comfortable. After spending 3 holiday seasons at our shelter, Brando and Cyrus finally got to experience holiday magic in their new home with windows, comfy couches, and the love of a dedicated mom who created a perfect home for these brothers.

December 2015

Brando and Cyrus are the rascals of our cat room, always hunting for food (they’re on a special diet because of Cyrus’ renal failure), exciting adventures, and new friends. They are entertaining free spirits that offer encouragement to the shyer cats in the room by visiting them in their cages and asking them to play. We’ve seen many of their cat friends get adopted after Brando and Cyrus coaxed them to step out of their cages and give humans a chance. We continue to search for a home that can manage Cyrus’ medical needs while enjoying both cats for the balls of fun that they are. We are grateful you have chosen to sponsor these amazing boys, thank you!

September 2015

These two spunky boys have had quite a journey at North Shore Animal League America. Brando and Cyrus arrived as kittens, and their lives together have taken on many twists and turns, but through it all, their devotion to each other only grows. These entertaining, energetic boys take the shyer cats in the cat room under their wing. We know, with our ongoing support, the right family is waiting to complete their rescue story.

June 2015

Both Brando and Cyrus wait not-so-patiently at the front of their cages in the mornings so they can get out and run around the cat room. Brando found a new toy that he insists on carrying around in his mouth wherever he goes. Both cats are making new feline and human friends in the cat room.

March 2015

Brando receives so much attention in the cat room at our shelter. He loves to run around and play with all of the associates and volunteers. When he roams around the cat room it is like he is the king of the room. He likes to scope out all the other cats and get into mischief by playing tag through the cages. He is a striking looking cat that is hoping to still find his forever home.