Meet Carmen

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Carmen joined the League’s Sponsor Program in 2007. Named after a French opera by Georges Bizet, about a beautiful gypsy with a fiery temper, Carmen, the little Chihuahua puppy is a delicate vision of adorableness.

An unfortunate victim of backyard breeders, Carmen was born with no front legs. This sweet little spitfire came in a litter of three, two females and one male. Carmen is the middle child – smaller than Pablo but larger than Venus – and they all share the same physical deformity. Though it saddens us to see Carmen and her family with this disadvantage, we are pleased that she is otherwise healthy and seems very happy.

Carmen will need extensive care, therapy and training. Carmen, like her siblings, is not only unique and special, but in the eyes of North Shore Animal League America, she is a lovely, artistic treasure.

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December 2017

It’s hard keeping up with these three siblings who have become virtual speed racers in their mobile carts! Carmen and Venus love their brother, Pablo, but make sure he knows that they are the ladies in charge when it comes to being the leader of their pack. Pablo doesn’t seem to mind and easily relents to his sisters. What a blessing that the Pet Sponsor program provides these precious pets with a fresh lease on life.

September 2017

This adorable trio is always the talk of the town when they are out and about. Pablo is always making sure his canine sisters, Carmen and Venus, are well taken care of, but he doesn’t forget to soak up the attention as well! Is there anything cuter than three tiny Chihuahuas rolling around in personalized carts? We think not! Thank you to all of the loyal supporters who give these three deserving pooches the fulfilling lives they truly deserve.

June 2017

This adorable little trio continues to shine in their caring, loving home! They are undoubtedly the center of their mom Donna’s world and continue to receive the very best of medical care and nurturing compassion care thanks to their many sponsor parents. Despite their disabilities, these three dogs continue live life to the fullest, always making sure to show how appreciative they truly are. We wish Pablo, Venus, Carmen and their family the very best!

March 2017

These three sure are a close-knit bunch! Pablo is so protective of his sisters Carmen and Venus. Unless it’s someone he knows, he will stay between the girls and any newcomers. The ladies appreciate all he does for them and show it by sharing their treats with him. Their mom is so moved to see how much they love each other.

December 2016

The trio continue to keep their family on their toes with their antics and high energy. They are still the stars of the neighborhood with many canine and human visitors alike. Health wise, they are all doing fine at the present time, but their medical needs will always be taken care of thanks to the Pet Sponsor Program.

September 2016

All continues to be well for these three fabulous little dogs. Their mom keeps a close eye on them and they, in turn, keep their family entertained with their playful antics. They love being around children especially and it’s hard to tell who is having the most fun — the kids or the Mutt-i-grees® (all rescued or adopted pets)! But, thanks to the Sponsor Program, they will always have medical care whenever they need it. Thank you to all their sponsors from the Three Amigos!

June 2016

The trio are doing well—running around like any dog, since they have no idea they are different. Their carts do make it easier for them to get around, but even when they are out of them, they hop and play with each other like little kangaroos. There is never a dull moment, and their mom is thankful they are all in good health and have such a good quality of life. All their sponsors make this possible—for which the amigos and their family thank them.

March 2016

Our three little amigos continue to be well and keep their family amused. They enjoyed the holidays, but their mom was careful not to let things get too crazy. The three dogs all enjoy company and being the center of attention. They got new beds and several new toys. The best gift of all was knowing they will always be taken care of thanks to their loyal and caring sponsors.

December 2015

The trio are the life of the neighborhood with lots of human and canine visitors stopping by to say hello whenever they are in their yard. And, when inside, you can find them looking out the front window keeping an eye on all the outside happenings. What a fun-loving bunch! Their family could not imagine life without them. Thank you to all their sponsors who make it possible for the trio to get the care they need.