Meet Julia

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Meet Julia! Julia is a Beagle mix Mutt-i-gree® who just celebrated her 10th Birthday!

When Julia arrived here in May 2015, our veterinarians diagnosed her with Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism causing irregular hormone levels that are necessary to control the vital process of metabolism. Thankfully, these conditions are easily managed through daily medication. Since Julia will require careful monitoring and lifelong medical care, she was the perfect candidate for our Sponsor Program dedicated to the care of animals with special needs just like her. Once stable, her foster mom welcomed her home and has now adopted her as an official member of the family, including two human sisters! Julia has settled in nicely at home and sleeps in her sisters’ bedroom every night.

As an active foster family, there are bound to be many foster pets in the future for Julia to keep company until they are ready for adoption. Julia is the most kind, sweet and loving dog her family has ever met who especially loves long walks. She greets everyone she meets with a twinkle in her eye and a wagging tail. Thank you for sponsoring Julia with your monthly gift of life that brought the Reillys and Julia together, and made Julia’s life the best it can be.

July 2020

Julia is full of surprises and her mom, Nancy, reports that “every day we are learning more about Julia. She’s started to enjoy indoor bathing in their new shower, sitting under the running water forever!” Her hypothyroidism is under control with medication. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, Julia’s family has all been home in quarantine and the good part of it is that they get to spend more time with Julia. They recently rescued a cat named Momma and now Julia has extra company. Nancy and her family are so happy to have two rescued fur babies in the house now. “However, Julia isn’t always super excited to share the attention with somebody new, but she is adjusting,” said Nancy. Everyone participated in a quarantine birthday car parade, even Julia. It was first for all of them! Julia enjoyed putting her head out the window feeling the breeze and watching the world go by.

March 2020

Julia has slowed down, but she is enjoying life as a senior with mom, Nancy, and her family. Since 2015, Julia has been monitored for Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism, which causes specifi c hormone levels — necessary to turn food into energy — to become irregular. Luckily, this is managed with monitoring and medication. Nancy says Julia is the most kind, sweet, and loving dog that they’ve ever met. She still keeps an eye out for those pesky squirrels and birds in the backyard and is ready to greet visitors to their home with a wagging tail.

November 2019

During Julia’s latest veterinary visit, the doctor checked her multiple dermal masses. The decision was made to leave them alone if they weren’t bothering her. She was given her yearly vaccinations and refills of her medication for hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease. Julia turned 13 years old recently and the family, as always, had a birthday party for her. She gets to select one yummy treat she’d like to have. As a senior, she’s allowed to relax on the bed and she also loves to cuddle on the couch.

July 2019

Julia is enjoying life and the comforts of senior living. She has had some trouble with arthritis lately and was given a new medication that seems to be helping her mobility. With the weather getting warmer, her mom, Nancy, sometimes finds her just basking in the sun. She also enjoys hiding her bones and greeting the neighbor’s dog. Inside, Julia, has developed a true love of blankets. She takes every blanket she can find in the house and wraps herself in them while reclining on a pillow. She is content to stay like this for hours just napping and cuddling.

March 2019

Julia’s mom, Nancy, reports that this sweet girl has been doing great. Just before Christmas, her family introduced her to a new five-week old foster kitten. Julia’s family is dedicated to fostering, and Julia seems to like it, too. She also loves her spa days at the groomer and long walks in the nearby nature preserve. Nancy says that Julia has one particularly endearing habit: stealthily following her around the house. She is so good at this that her family nicknamed her “The Stalker.” Her medications for Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism are keeping her healthy. Her family thanks her Sponsors for making all this possible.

November 2018

Julia celebrated her 12th Birthday with a handmade crown and a slice of apple crisp, which is now her favorite treat. She got positive feedback during a recent trip to the vet, so her human family couldn’t be happier for their special girl. She loves car rides, especially picking her dad up from the train station, and picking her human sisters up from school on occasion. This summer, Julia was surprised with a new foster sibling. She is currently sharing her home with a 4-week-old kitten named Muff. Muff was found in the Bronx, tiny and homeless, but now safe and loved in her temporary home with a special family.

March 2018

Julia’s human mom, Nancy, reports that Julia recently had a large benign mass surgically removed, but recovered nicely. Except that she didn’t enjoy surgical cone — she actually broke it! Some exciting news in Julia’s world is the addition of tiny foster kittens in the house! Not only is
Julia is enjoying their company, but she has even taken on an older sister role with them.

December 2017

This little lady continues to do great according to her mom, Nancy. She loves car rides, long walks and snuggling, especially when there’s a chill in the air. She is a gentle girl with a loving spirit. Whenever her mom tells people stories about Julia, they always think she’s talking about one of her human daughters. That’s how special Julia is to her family! “Not only because she has a human name,” Nancy says, “but because she is loved just like one of my girls.” Thank you to all of her generous sponsor parents for allowing Julia the chance to live such a wonderful life with her family.

September 2017

Thanks to all of the support from her sponsors and all of the love she receives from her mom, Nancy, Julia has been positively thriving. She enjoys taking long naps on the family’s new couch. She also loves going on walks and spending weekends on the North Fork of Long Island with her human family. While there, Julia gets to run on the beach and get pampered at the doggy spa. She recently befriended an African Tortoise named George, proving once more that Julia is a friend to all!

June 2017

Julia is faring wonderfully and is a real blessing to her family. She recently shared her home with several foster kittens and did very well sharing her space and adopted family! She enjoys long walks and even longer naps. She has two beds of her own, but since she really enjoys her comfort she has made a space for herself in her parents’ bed to sleep in at night and lounges on the family couch during the day. She attends all of her health appointments, and thankfully has remained medically stable.

March 2017

Julia’s doing great! Medically, she remains stable due to her medications, diet, and regular exercise. She has been enjoying taking car rides, long naps and cuddling with the kids. She had her first spa day and loved the attention along with her new soft coat! Julia continues to bring joy into her family’s lives every day.

December 2016

Julia has been enjoying her days going for walks, napping, and playing in the backyard. She loves going down the slide on the playset and also enjoys burying her treasured rawhide. On very special occasions she digs up her rawhide and leaves it at her family’s back doorstep as a gift. Julia loves car rides and chasing squirrels. She visits the doctor regularly and despite her medical conditions she is maintaining her good health and happy spirit. She is looking forward to the holidays and can’t wait to see what is in her stocking this Christmas!

September 2016

Julia’s Cushings disease flared up so her family is holding off on her therapy dog certification. She is feeling better now and all of her test results are improving. Julia had a lovely summer sunning at the beach, dining with her family at outdoor cafe’s and visiting Long Island′s vineyards. We were so honored to receive a generous donation from Julia’s human sisters’ lemonade stand fundraiser. Julia continues to melt her family’s hearts every day. All this would not be possible without the continued support of her sponsors. Thank you!

June 2016

Julia has been active and enjoying the fresh air in the yard, taking long walks and playing with the neighbors’ dogs. Her family has started working with her at home to prepare her for enrollment into a pet therapy program where she will be trained and evaluated to become a certified therapy dog. They believe Julia is so well behaved and has so much love to give, they want to share her with those who would benefit from her comfort!

March 2016

Julia a 10-year-old Beagle mix Mutt-i-gree® takes her five daily medicines with ease for her Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism to keep her delicate metabolism in balance. Her two human sisters love to play fetch the ball with Julia and give her all the belly rubs she wants! Her family has been fostering canines, felines and even an occasional guinea pig, for almost three years and can’t wait to see how Julia welcomes her next foster brother or sister home.