Meet Apollonia

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Meet Apollonia! In 2019 a local municipal shelter was called in for an emergency rescue, and asked our Rescue Team for support. Found in a hoarding situation, five frightened cats were brought to the safety and comfort of North Shore Animal League America. The only female of the group, Apollonia, was emaciated. At first we estimated that she was only a year old until we determined something else was at the root of her small stature: irritable bowel disease. She was actually closer to seven years old!

While working on a plan for her physical and social success, our team discovered many layers to Apollonia. Once safely away from other cats, the pigeon purrs and headbutts poured out of her, and we now realize how stressful life in a house with many cats was for her. Apollonia will never have to fight for resources again. With the help of her Sponsors, we can ensure her family the support they need so they can focus on spoiling her to make up for the hard life she left behind.

July 2020

Apollonia is happy in her home with her human brother, Evan, and mom Elena. She just loves when Evan pets her and stretches out on the floor. She had a bout of vomiting and some diarrhea recently and came in to be checked by a veterinarian at our Pet Health Centers. The veterinarian was not sure if this was caused by a flare-up of her irritable bowel syndrome, but gave her mom some medications to soothe her system. Sometimes when she eats her special food too fast, she regurgitates it. Apollonia’s family will be monitoring her closely and, of course, giving her love and cuddles.

March 2020

Apollonia is feeling more and more at home with her new family every day. To ease her into family life, she was confined to one room, but for only one day. Apollonia made it clear that she didn’t want to be separated from anyone. She’s not afraid of the dog and they each respect each other’s boundaries. She feels safest under her human brother, Evan’s bed, but she has a new bed placed nearby. “Everyone is in love with her,” says Elena, Apollonia’s new mom. “Apollonia is a joy and an angel.” She purrs and sings while she’s being pet and stretched out on the floor. As soon as she hears activity in the house, she comes out to play and is friendly with visitors. She didn’t seem to like her food at fi rst but now she’s eating well and her digestion issues have been stable.