Meet Cody

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Meet Cody! Cody was more than 10 years old when he found himself once again in the compassionate arms of North Shore Animal League America. Originally adopted in 2009 as a kitten, he now has diabetes. His former family just didn’t have the means or time to take care of Cody’s special needs. That’s when Animal League America’s Pet Sponsorship Program came to the rescue. As a Sponsor Pet, Cody is assured that the expenses of insulin, special diet, and the daily urine tests he requires will be covered the rest of his life. We’ll find him a home just perfect for him, one that has the time and love for a diabetic kitty.

July 2021

Cody is home! We are so thrilled to announce that Cody has been officially adopted into his new family. This special senior now has a dog and a kitten sibling and is adjusting well to his environment. Says mom, Marina, “He’s very talkative which we love!” Though Cody requires ongoing care to manage his diabetes, his new family is gladly taking on his special needs. Marina tells us that Cody’s glucose levels have been good, and most importantly, that “he’s a sweetheart!”

March 2021

Cody’s diabetes is being managed and is under control. He still calls Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center his home for now. His room has large windows that let in lots of natural sunlight, a cat tree, several cat beds and hideaways when he desires some solitude. Every month, more and more staff and volunteers fall under the spell of this shy, quiet senior. They’ve all discovered that wand toys can always tempt Cody out of any hiding place. He absolutely loves catnip and becomes very animated. Everyone has high hopes that, one day very soon, a special person or couple will walk through the door and Cody will find a family of his own.

November 2020

Cody celebrated his 11th birthday in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center surrounded by his devoted Animal League America family. His diabetes is easily managed with medication, and the solution to his shyness is a catexperienced home with patient adults offering him the encouragement he needs come out of his shell even more. Another key to helping Cody with his shyness might just be the fact that he loves kittens and enjoys playing with them. The staff here believes that Cody was born to help foster kittens, so everyone is hoping that someone looking for a partner in foster will be smitten with his sweet calm demeanor. Our goal for Cody is to have him celebrate his 12th birthday in his very own home surrounded by his favorite humans—and maybe a kitten or two!