Meet Forest

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Forest came to North Shore Animal League America in heartbreaking condition. He had been severely neglected and then abandoned in a vacant parking lot.

His coat was filthy and matted, leaving his ears and skin infected. Both of his front legs have orthopedic problems including dislocated elbows. One paw had actually been strangled when his unkempt hair was allowed to wrap around it. He also had dental disease. And Forest is blind in both eyes. We cleaned him, shaved his coat to an appropriate length, treated his wounds and dental issues, and he was fitted with a front-limb cart so he can move comfortably. He was then put into our Foster Care Program to rest and recover. One thing is for sure: Forest will have everything he needs to lead a happy, healthy life because of his Sponsors. Thank you!

March 2021

Forest continues to live a comfortable senior life. According to his mom, Juliana, he spends most of his time taking naps and snuggling with his big brother Bruno. He also loves to cuddle with his two-year-old human sibling, Cadence, who adores him. He is certainly the feistiest one of her furry family. Juliana says that Forest feels best right after a fresh grooming and exhibits puppy-like behaviors such as rolling around, wagging his tail and barking seemingly at the air. Happily, his medical issues are status quo and he is surrounded by his loving family.

November 2020

Forest enjoyed the summer months. He likes to take naps on the porch in his bed most afternoons in the warm weather. He expanded his exploration of his backyard and shuffled around more in the grass. He loves when his mom, Juliana, makes him watermelon ice pops. Little Cadence, his human sibling, loves Forest and she recently learned to say his name. She even helps mom feed him by bringing him his bowl. Forest gets many, many snuggles. His preferred place to be is held on his back like a little baby with his head on his favorite person’s chest!

July 2020

Forest enjoyed the nice spring weather hanging out in the grass. He loves Cadence, his human sibling, who is now running around. He has a squeaky steak toy that is his absolute favorite! He hasn’t been going with his mom, Juliana, into the office right now because of COVID-19. He recently had a bout of dog dementia—up all night and barking and he couldn’t be consoled. ”He started a special dog food to help with the brain and it has worked. “We’re so happy that now he’s basically back to himself.”

March 2020

Forest is doing amazingly well. He just loves hanging out with his furry friends at work and at home. At the office, he enjoys sharing a bed with Cody, the pug. He just hops right in with him. Forest is very appreciative of any pet or snuggle from a human or fur friend. He received so many great toys (the ones with squeaky noises are his favorite!), bowls, and blankets from his Sponsors and loves them all. Winter is a more difficult time for Forest says his mom, Julianna. He has a great deal of arthritis and it kicks up with the cold. Julianna gives him medication so he’s not in pain.

November 2019

Forest enjoyed this past summer, lounging in the yard with his furry brothers. He is so happy that he’s able to go to work with his mom, Julianna, in the veterinary hospital each day. As you can imagine, Forest gets a lot of love there. Most of the staff that pass him offer a gentle head pat or belly rub. He gets his treats and plays with his toys too. Medically, his conditions are irreparable. He’s just living his best life even with his crooked arms. His sight will not return, but he has learned his family’s and friend’s scents. He’s a very well adjusted and happy dog and his family loves him. Thank you Pet Sponsors!

July 2019

Forest fits in just perfectly in his home with his two canine brothers, Bruno and Scooter, and his three feline siblings named Baci, Casper, and Tony. “His blindness has been a small challenge for him since it’s also hard for him to navigate with his serious orthopedic issues. We have wheels for him and are working on having him use them more,” says his mom, Juliana. “He spends most of his time snoozing on the couch or sunbathing on warmer days.” There’s been a change in the house recently though. Forest’s human sister, named Cadence, was born! He has decided that he loves to snuggle most with Cadence and then with Baci the cat. Juliana comments that he is such a happy dog and it’s such fun to watch him turn into a puppy when he gets hold of a squeaky toy. He has made a fantastic addition to her home and it was only possible due to his admission to the Sponsorship Program.

March 2019

This handsome fella didn’t look so gorgeous when he arrived at our Pet Health Centers. He’d been abandoned in a parking lot in shocking condition. His coat was so matted and tight it was cutting off his circulation. He has serious orthopedic problems, dental disease, and is blind. But his can-do attitude and bright personality inspired everyone, and now he is home with Juliana — who adores him — and his two canine brothers and three feline brothers. “Forest is doing wonderful,” said Juliana. “He has really come out of his shell in our home. His favorite things to do are play with his squeaky toys and snuggle.” Does it get any better than this? We don’t think so.